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The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile???!!


The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile???!!

I came upon a few articles talking about unconfirmed, but persistent reports that other carriers will get the iphone. I will put the links up so you guys can read them and see for yourself. After you read them, and maybe get excited, say what you think about it. I was in AT&T today with a friend ( I used to be with AT&T before switching to Sprint for the lower prices and had the iphone 3G) and he was talking to a rep about plans and prices while I was playing with the iphone 3GS. I really really like the iphone 3GS. The iphone 3G was the best phone that I have owned thus far (I have a Pre now) and seeing these articles about the possibility that the iphone could come to Sprint got my hopes up a little, especially with the coming of the iphone 4G. So if Sprint were to sell the iphone would it make you think twice about going to an android phone? I would say "yes" except for the Supersonic. I would love to see that phone come out soon. The Supersonic would more than likely be better than the iphone or at least the 3GS.

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Journeyman JWG

Re: The iPhone May Be Coming to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile???!!

Has anyone gotten any confirmation on this?  It's the best kept secret of the 2000's.  Will iPhone expand beyond AT&T?  Sure would like to know.  With Sprint's familiy plan with unlimited data at $130, I struggle with giving up 100 minutes, 7pm nights and anytime mobile to pay $150 per month for the iPhone.  But, put the iPhone on the Sprint network with the same plan I now have for the same price and they just sold two new phones.

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