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Unable to remove administrator from Samsung SIII


Unable to remove administrator from Samsung SIII

I don't understand why this is on my phone giving sprint permission to administer my phone.  when I purchased my samsung galaxy s3 I was very happy, but Sprint did not provide the coverage or the 4G in my area and I cancel my account.  after trying to flash my phone to another carrier I found that Sprint put an administration block so that you can only use your phone on they're contract plans.  So now my $500 phone is nothing but a paperweight. If anyone else has these issues, which they do because there are so many comments, we need to band together for a class action suit for violation of IP practices.


Re: Unable to remove administrator from Samsung SIII

Sprint did recently announce the BYOSD where you can take your phone to different MVNO carriers, Not sure which carriers you can go to though. I know you can on "Prepayd Wireless", You can google BYOSD to try to find what other carriers you can go to.

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