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Unlocked CDMA phones...


Unlocked CDMA phones...

Considering the White House petition to overturn the ban on unlocked cell phones, will Sprint take some initiative for its customers, jump ahead of this and start supporting unlocked CDMA phones?  From what I've read, the Sprint justification doesn't seem to hold water. Its not difficult to say, Sprint ONLY supports CDMA phones with these frequencies (and then list'em).

Currently I'm stuck w/ a phone I don't like. Almost a 10-year customer, but I can't upgrade early (eligible in Oct) and I can't buy an unlocked phone I found because Sprint won't activate it.  I can buy a sprint phone at full price, but shelling out over $600 isn't going to happen. Locking a customer into a sprint-only phone they're not happy with due to performance issues and not giving them options doesn't strike me as good customer service.

What say you, Sprint?

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Re: Unlocked CDMA phones...

If you want to change your phone, there are plenty of ways to buy a used Sprint phone, like Craigslist or e-bay, just make sure that it has a good ESN #.

You don't need to have an unlocked one. Also, having an unlocked phone from AT&T or T-Mobile, it will not work on Sprint, not because Sprint doesn't want to use it, but because those phones are GSM and not CDMA. On other words, you can not take an Iphone from other companies or an Android phone, and bring it to Sprint, it is not a SIM lock or unlock issue.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: Unlocked CDMA phones...

But if they wanted to they could enable interoperability for CDMA phones (Sprint, Virgin, Verizon, etc.).  They could even charge a fee for the check/transfer/switchover, but they won't do it.  They always have a simple excuse (they can't move ESN/MEID).  But, it's their own trade industry association that keeps track of the serial numbers, AFAICT.

Locked to one network is bad for customers as 1) it devalue their device in the used market, 2) limits choice, 3) decreases competition, and 4) keeps prices high. It's all a rip-off.


Re: Unlocked CDMA phones...

The phone is still too expensive on CL & eBay.  Then you also risk bad ESNs. Yup, completely understand the CDMA vs GSM issue.

I agree with SeeBlue1. If Sprint wants to attract more customers, enabling interoperability for CDMA & not locking phones to one network.

Still looking for a response from a Sprint agent / employee.

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