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Using WIFI On the HTC EVO 3D


Using WIFI On the HTC EVO 3D


I live in the US and will br travelling to Europe.

Will I be able to bring my HTC Evo 3D and connect to WiFi in Europe to use the internet? Even though I will not have an international calling plan. I will only be using my phone for the WiFi internet.


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Using WIFI On the HTC EVO 3D

Yes, that should work just fine.  Wifi is a pretty universal standard.  You might want to make sure other connections are off though just in case...

Sprint Product Ambassador

Using WIFI On the HTC EVO 3D

Correct - I just used my HTC Evo 4G in Canada on WiFI only; works like a charm for data.  No calling or SMS, but email, facebook, etc all work fine over WiFi.  Set the phone to Airplane Mode, then turn on only the WiFi radio.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Using WIFI On the HTC EVO 3D

Europe is an entirely GSM continent, and your EVO's voice/text/data features will not work there, since it cannot connect to their network. Your WiFi will work just fine, and without a charge from sprint. You may want to turn off your mobile network, just to save on battery life since your phone might constantly search for a signal that it won't find. But you won't have to worry about coming back to the US with any roaming charges since the Evo will not connect to any towers

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