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Visual voicemail is gone on EVO 4G


Visual voicemail is gone on EVO 4G

Since updating to Gingerbread, my Visual voicemail stopped working. The only option for voicemail service is "My Carrier". Visual voicemail and Google Voice are not even options. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Re: Visual voicemail is gone on EVO 4G

You have two choice

1 Call Sprint CS and they should be able to direct you to where you can download and install the software

2 Google it  'Sprint Visual Voicemail for EVO apk'

Re: Visual voicemail is gone on EVO 4G

What exactly do you mean that your visual voicemail is not working? I take it you went to menu, settings, call, voicemail service and it is suppose to say my carrier. when you tap on voicemail settings, does it show your number there? If it doesnt you can edit that and put the correct number in there.Let me know the status and I will monitor this for a reply.



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