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Visual voicemail.


Visual voicemail.

I purchased the Motorola Photon last Saturday and got my 1st phone bill today,  and I noticed a charge for $1.99 for weather-visual voicemail in my billing details.  I never subscribed to this service and cannot find anyway to remove it. I shouldn't have to pay for something im not using why is Sprint forcing this on me?


Visual voicemail.

See if these steps help .  Logg into your account, go to Digital Lounge,  My content Manager,Locate the item being billed. Select it and  request refund/unsubscribe.Just in case its confusing it for the Voice -To -Text subscription. Try these steps. Select the Voicemail Icon, Menu, Settings, Voicemail-To-Text, and unsubscribe if it has you subscribed . Let me know If you need further assitance


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