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What are my options? Going overseas for a year...


What are my options? Going overseas for a year...

Hey guys, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can give me some help and advice. I'm currently on a family plan with my parents and I believe our contract ends on Feb 2013. The problem is that I'm going overseas to korea for a year in August 2012. What are my options? I know that I could probably terminate my contract without paying the fee seeing as i'm moving overseas but I am coming back and this phone number has been my number for years now so I would like to have the same number when i'm back. How much would the international roaming plan cost on top of the family plan? Also i'm the main account holder, if i transfer ownership to my dad does that renew the contract or anything. I would greatly appreciate the help.


Re: What are my options? Going overseas for a year...

you might want to look into some of the world phones that sprint offeres..but pick one up off ebay or amazon..then swap it with your phone..

someone else will have to give you the info on what you'll need to do after that though..all i know is  you'll have to pick up a sim card over there..but for the life of me i cant remember the rules/guidelines/types etc.

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