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What's Sprint's best non-smartphone?


What's Sprint's best non-smartphone?

I'm a couple months from upgrading my phones, and I'm trying to figure out which non-smartphone will give me the most options. We have a Samsung Rant & LG Lotus right now. We would like something with a larger screen (for better web viewing). We use our Internet access mostly for Facebook, e-mail, and miscellaneous research (sports scores, weather, Wikipedia, imdb, etc.), but I would like a phone that could handle Pandora, too.

I have 5 lines on a 1500-minute Everything Messaging Family plan; two of the lines have a $15 data pack added (the other three lines don't need data). All Smartphones require an Everything Data plan, which would cost me an extra $30 plus $10 per Smartphone. I'm not willing to incur the additiona $50 in charges to upgrade to smartphones.


What's Sprint's best non-smartphone?

You can always visit our online Sprint store to check best available  non-smartphones. Use this URL link

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