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What should I do?


What should I do?

Help me out guys. My contract with Sprint expires at the end of August. I intend to extend my contract with sprint since its the cheapest service.

My question is regarding my next phone.

Should I buy the photon/evo 3d now? Or wait until better stuff comes out in September/October? Other than the Galaxy S2 device for sprint will there be anything to take over the flagship role.

T-Mobile- has the HTC Ruby/Amaze with 1.5 ghz, 720p resoltion etc.

Verizon- HTC Vigor which is insanley speced.

Does sprint have anything similar in the works or are they going to roll with the EVO 3d?

Also do you guys think the Nexus Prime will come to the sprint when its released or will we have to wait?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: What should I do?

Again it all depends on you to choose the device based on features and capabilities. Check this Device Capabilities comparison chart between 2 phones(Photon/Evo 3d now). You can always visit and check for new devices. Also you can go to this non-official site to check info on phones

Device Name HTC EVO 3D (APX515CKT) Motorola PHOTON 4G (MB855)
Device Image
4G YesYes
Advance World Mode NoNo
Bluetooth YesYes
Call/Data Restrictions NoNo
Camera Phone YesYes
Connection Card NoNo
Data Link NoNo
Direct Connect on Nextel NoNo
Direct Connect on Sprint NoNo
Embedded Module NoNo
External Memory Slot YesYes
Family Locator YesNo
Flip Phone NoNo
GPS YesYes
Mobile Hotspot YesYes
Mobile Originated SMS NoNo
Multimedia NoYes
Music Store NoNo
MyMoneyManager NoNo
NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile YesYes
Near Field Communications (NFC) NoNo
NextMail NoNo
Non ERI NoNo
OMA DM / Hands Free Activation YesYes
OTA Contact Migration NoNo
PDA/Smartphones YesYes
PRL via HCM NoNo
Phone as Modem YesYes
Pocket Express NoNo
Power Vision (EVDO) YesNo
Rev A YesYes
SME Work Calendar NoNo
SMPlus Music Tracks YesYes
SMPlus Ringback Tones NoNo
SMPlus Ringtones YesYes
Speakerphone NoYes
Sprint Football Live NoNo
Sprint ID NoYes
Sprint Mobile Email NoNo
Sprint Mobile Email Work NoNo
Sprint Mobile Sync NoNo
Sprint Mobile Wallet YesYes
Sprint Navigation NoYes
Sprint TV YesYes
Static IP-CDMA YesNo
TeleNav NoYes
Text Messaging (2WSMS) YesYes
Video Mail YesYes
Vision (3G Data) YesNo
Vision Downloads (3G) NoNo
Visual Voicemail YesYes
Wireless Backup NoNo
Wireless Data Roaming YesYes
Wireless SW Upgrades YesYes
Wireless Web (2G Data) NoNo
World Mode NoYes
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