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Whats up with Sprints HORRIBLE customer service???


Whats up with Sprints HORRIBLE customer service???

What's up Sprint??? I have been getting the run around from you 1-800-Num and your stores!! I have Evo 4G, my phone has no service, over heats, randomly reboots, among other things! You tell me you can send me a used replacement but tell me its gonna be up to two weeks!? So another two week of paying for extra services that I cant even use, having a phone that cant even make a call with out dropping it!? After taking the advice form the over the phone Sprint tech, I master reset the phone.....didnt work. I then also follow the instructions to take it to the store. They had my phone for 2 hours and did nothing to it becasue the "licensed technician" didnt realize  I had a ANDROID MARKET app runing as a home launcher. When I went back to store i was accused of "rooting" my phone and that i was in volition of my contract and warranty. With on click of a button i was able to show them that it was an app. I only recently learned what root was after this ordeal,From your sites forums by the way! But because of that I know was getting treat like a criminal by not only the store but also by the 1-800 people! Now after showing these "Professional tech guys" what it was they came back and stated that "My bad, I just plugged it in and when it said error i just ASSUMED. I should have check." ran the system check, put a new batt in, (new! I fully charge my phone and not an hour later it was at 24%. and that with all the batt saving setting recommendations and networks and all that jazzed turned off!)  found a few problems, so they said they rebuilt the phone and software. NOT the case! they only master reset it! When I checked out the papers they gave me, the ones i was told was ran after all this work was done to my phone i se FAIL  FAIL, FURTHER INVESTIGATION! When i question the MANGER of the store (NICK) he told me the software was not updated but it was now. No, they was no new software that i could see, when i asked he said the prl when i asked if he could show me where that was on the phone, he couldn't, nor did he have a copy or information on any of the latest software ect for my phone.... i continue to ask questions he continued to offer me no answers, then he finally just said "Well its all fixed, have a niice day" then walked away. WHERE DO THESE GUYS COME FROM?? Is this how you company is use to doing business?? After all this when im un sure of what to do cause every one im dealing with isn't offering a solution and im still having the same problems i call 1-800 again, only to be treated like crap, and was told i was being charge A outrages fee for doing something to my phone i had only learned about a hour or two ago!!! Im speechless Sprint! I love my EVO and when i got it 4 mounts ago it was the best! Now I can bairly use it! Today I went to a difrent store, with the copy of the paper work store 1 had giving me, i was there under 5 minutes and Guy working took my phone, did what ever, and had me a new replacement one the way that should be there begining of next week. He did state " wow, and how many times have you had this looked at?" I just said enough, He reply "Wow" now I didnt tell him about any of my past issue other then i took my phone to the other store and they worked on it and i was still having the same issues. So Im not sure what he meant by that reaction but it clearly states on the "need help" part. of Sprint Zone that i had no data and needed the current update for better service! but the paperwork from store 1 said "system check and no update found" This is one of the main issue I was having and it was stated SO clearly and after many attempt to do this update and thinking it did cause the phone clearly said changes have been made something in my eyes that is so simple yet NO ONE at Sprint could offer help?(I forgot to mention the 3 other times I went to store 1 to have them look at my phone and them enter numbers into it and tell me it was fixed to only have it be doing them same thing minutes later)  We have 4 phone lines thru sprint and have been with Spring for many of years now! Never, Never, did i ever think this is how you would treat a committed long term costumer!! IM SPEECHLESS!! Your welcome for the, i say, $100, $150 bucks you just made off of me for charging me a service I DIDNT GET! Now im beginning to Question the full coverage insurance i pay extra for each month and that WARRANTY my phone IS STILL UNDER! Now I find myself wondering what my legal rights are in a situation like this and thats VERY SAD! So I would like to give a BIG thank you to Todd at the sprint store today, thank you for handling this very solid concern very professorially, and for finally seeing what was WAS CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE PHONE, and solving the issue! This is the type of customer service im use to! Then again Maybe i should be knocking on a piece of wood right now......


Whats up with Sprints HORRIBLE customer service???


My apologies that you had such a hard time getting this issue resolved, so it looks like Todd was able to resolve your issue.  Please feel free to send me a Private Message if I can be of ay further assistance.



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