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Where to find old OS's for Bold 9930


Where to find old OS's for Bold 9930

Where are they? I see so many tutorials on how to downgrade the blackberry but no one provides a link for them. Thoughts?

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Re: Where to find old OS's for Bold 9930


Re: Where to find old OS's for Bold 9930

Handheld Software Version (bundle 1737) for BlackBerry Bold 9930 Smartphone

Installs the latest BlackBerry Handheld Software for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 Smartphone.

This update provides the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Improvements for devices dropping 1X signal, should now recover to 3G service where available
  • Fix for CMAS alerts (location-based mobile emergency alerting system)
  • Removal of BlackBerry Music service
  • Fix for contact edits that may not have saved when initiated from the home screen instead of the BlackBerry menu
  • Fixes for error messages appearing when trying to open media player
  • Fixes device issue where device would freeze when swiping through pictures stored on SD card
  • Fixes issue with recording audio after updating the device
  • Fixes device UI lag when switching between normal and high contrast for incoming call and active call screen in the phone application
  • Fixes issue with past Over The Air (OTA) upgrades resulting in slowness in the phone while downloading and launching applications due to system checks of rollback data

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 7/27/2012
Software Version: (bundle 1737

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