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Which new phone should I get?


Which new phone should I get?

I am currently using a Palm Pre. I love the OS and was hoping to see any of the new HPalm phones come to Sprint (i.e. Palm 3, or the new super phone); however, no news is bad news. I also want a phone that has a great support system behind it, such as the Android phones.

I am currently looking at a few of the high end Android phones and wanted the communities opinion on which I should get (or wait for).  I would have posted a poll, but I can't.

Here are the options:

  • Kyocera Echo (the dual screen android phone)
  • HTC EVO (White)
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • Nexus S 4G
  • Wait for a new HPalm phone to come to Sprint
  • Another suggestion

Thank you all for your valued opinion; have a wonderful day!



Which new phone should I get?

I'm very excited about the Nexus S 4G. I use Google voice for many different things and it will be great to be able to integrate my cell phone number into Google Voice. It's coming preloaded with Gingerbread Android 2.3 and the NFC chip (Near Field Communication) which is very neat wireless technology. Check out this site for more details

I also like that it will be a true Google experience, and you will be able to customize it fit your needs. Since the phone will have internal memory only, there will not be any preloaded apps on the device. You will be able to pick and choose what you want to have on your phone! The battery life thus far seems to be the most promising on an android device as well, 6.7 hours talk time on 3G!

The EVO HD wouldn’t be a bad either!!!! 


Which new phone should I get?

Nexus S 4G would be the best choice. You will be the first to get the new version of Android when available.

FYI: I do have the EVO 4G now. We don't even know if we are getting 2.3

Just my 2 cents


Which new phone should I get?

I would agree with M.Marcus in the Nexus S for a soon to be released phone (predicted to be out by end of April but not sure yet!) or wait for the Evo 3D when it comes out this summer. I have the Evo as well (white) and I love the phone. The HTC Sense is very easy to grow accustomed to IMHO!

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