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Will Sprint get the IPHONE? Can't use other smartphones in my car!!


Will Sprint get the IPHONE? Can't use other smartphones in my car!!

If Sprint doesn't get the iphone soon I'll have to drop them as I have a 2006 BMW 330i which isn't compatible with the more updated smartphones, except for the iphone.  BMW made all its cars "idrives" during that period in time, but there was a break between 2006 and 2007.  Their cars made after 2007 can handle the more sophisticated bluetooth technology, while those from 2006 and back can only handle the first smartphones.  There is a lot of debate about this, but, as I have had personal experience with the failure of phones not listed as "compatible" with the 2006 models, I'm not going to bother trying any more of them.  It's just too annoying.

So, I'm stuck with an old model Blackberry, with no camera, a real fossil by today's standards, the model 8703e.  Sprint doesn't even carry it and I had to find it on Ebay.

So, I'm ready to just leave and go to AT&T and get with the new technology as I can't enjoy any of the new phones Sprint has.  If anyone with a 2006 330i and Sprint is using one of their new model phones successfully please let me know.  IT HAS TO BE THE 2006, the first year they made the 330i BMW.  After that, they they sorted out the bluetooth technology.

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