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I am a district manager for att...but love the unlimited data option so I figured id try sprint. .... I knew what I wanted .... my galaxy s3 for its versitility as a handset on EVERY OTHER NETWORK BUT YOURS. when purchasing this device, I was aware I'd be waiting for LTE.... But according to the sales rep I still would have access to the 4g wimaxx network. All lies! Spec wise I have one of the top phones in the U.S.. ..which takes almost 5 MINUTES JUST TO LOAD A DAMN WEBPAGE AND OR PDF FOR MY JOB...why? Well because this devices radios only pick up lte and 3 g ... not wimaxx. So instead of downloading at even wimaxx rates of 2-5 mgbs.... i'm stuck with having the best phone on sprints network running 300 MEASILY KBPS! !!!!!!! so I went back to sprint... who wanted to charge me a $50 RESTOCKING FEE JUST TO SWAP OUT MY PHONE TO SOMETHING WIMAXX CAPABLE FOR THEIR LIES!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! FRUSTRATED, I left in anger....gained my composure and called sprint customer service to obtain ANOTHER LINE AND A MOBILE HOTSPOT NOT FOR A LAPTOP.... BUT SO MY PHONE DOESN'T RUN LIKE A CAMEL GASPING IN A DESERT SEEKING WATER TO MOVE ON! FRUSTRATED with what was done to me I kindly asked sprint to in the LEAST price match best buy and give me the hotspot free.... considering I was going to be stuck with yet ANOTHER TWO YEAR CONTRACT. THEY REFUSED AND LAUGHED!!!!! Pleading and explaing the lies and problems i just had the rep hung up on me.... now I find myself posting on your forum!!!!!! I don't care if this is some lonely casual sprint employee reading these....FORWARD THIS TO YOUR SUPERVISOR! THIS SERVICE ALL AROUND IS AWFUL...... EVEN ASKING WHEN I'LL BE GETTING LTE YOU JUST SEND PEOPLE TO A WEBSITE THAT SHOWS A MAP. ... BUT NOT EVEN AN APPROX. DATE OF WHEN THIS MAY HAPPEN!!!!! HOW.....IN GODS FREAKING NAME DOES PURTO RICO GET LTE COVERAGE BUT NOT A LARGE MARKET LIKE CLEVELAND, OH IS BEYOND ME..... OR ANY OHIO MARKETS FOR THAT MATTER. MAYBE YOU CARE SPRINT. .. MAYBE YOU DON'T, BUT SHOW SOME CLASS! IF GHETTO COMPANIES LIKE PAGE PLUS AND H2O MOBILE CAN OFFER A DECENT NETWORK AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE...WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR EXCUSE!



It's unfortunate the sales rep gave you wrong information. Call it lying all you like, but a kinder view is that people make mistakes. As a wise person (Hanlon) once said, Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Or hubris.

It's a good idea to be well-advised as a shopper in situations like this, where big money and technology are in play. Not to rub salt into the wound, but online reviews have pointed out the transition from wimax. Also, the in-store display card for the device, the one right there beside the device on the display counter, as well as the online description are both clear. No wimax. Just LTE.

If you're not happy, you have two weeks to take it back. No questions asked.



Hi Jon1stohiobanc, I want to thank you for choosing Sprint as your new carrier and I apologize if you didn't have a great experience at your local Sprint store or with your new device.  Please do understand Sprint is attempting to bring 4G LTE nationwide as quickly as possible.  Click here to receive updates of when 4G LTE is available in your area.  Due to your purchase was made at your local Sprint store unfortunately it can only be returned/exchanged within the 14 day return policy at the POS which your sale receipt and Sprint Terms and Conditions also provides details of the restocking fee which the store has the right to charge.  The agents you spoke to over the phone at our corporate office are unable to perform any actions with store purchases.

Sprint Social Media Team

David G.

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