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being toyed with about my upgrades (again?)


being toyed with about my upgrades (again?)

Last year, about this time I was a Sprint Premeire Member and I have been stuck with

the Sanyo Zio phone which at that point started to fizzle out on me due to - from what I could gather -

the latest Andriod update.

Yet, I was excited because I was being told at that time that my SPM was due for my yearly upgrade

so I figured - YAY - I could get out of this mess and move on a to better phone (there is a whole

story as to how I got stuck with the Zio, but I'll set that aside for now).

However, as I tried to get the upgrade in a Sprint store I was told that I wasn't allowed or eligeble for

the upgrade. I resorted to the task of sending the upgrade text to the number and I was texted back

with the upgrade date, which was that particular day I was in the store... They couldn't figure it out

anyways, for the rest of 2011 I was consistantly advertised to about getting my 2011 upgrade.

I even made stinks about it to customer care and they couldn't figure out what it was all about

Until, I heard the news that Sprint was going to sell the iPhones, a good friend of mine did some digging

and found out that they've (sprint) discontinued the SPM for that reason (and a few other reasons)

and basicly made it hard for anyone to get an upgrade etc. etc for the rest of that year, - again, from what I could gather...


So Here we are on the edge of 2012, and it's time again for my upgrade - This TIME SPRINT AGREES


so knowing friends on other plans and carriers, they've been doing early upgrades, now, early upgrades

I'm not familar with - - So Two weeks ago I go ahead and call Sprint to find out if I can get a month early

on an upgrade, the guy on the other end said "sure you can... for a fee," This is acceptible, "... of 50 bucks" that wasn't

seeing how that's nearly more than my current bill which didn't make sense, I articulated this and he reported that I..."Could 'trade' back my phone

for a price of $46.23... which would then offset the $50."

That sounds better!!!

So I say sure now what?

He says "just go to any sprint retailer and they'll set you up."

Score... so I venture to a sprint retailer near me and they stop me cold in my tracks and tell me that guy on the phone lied to me and there is no such thing and

that I stand to only get ..68 cents for my phone

!!! seriously??


So I call sprint again and this time they tell me I have to go to a Sprint OWNED store - something I wasn't told before on that pervious phone call...

So I travle the nearly 30 miles to one and there they told me that it was all fiction...

so I resolve to wait the few weeks or whatever it was... then I started to get some crazy error code in which I was told to call Sprint care

I call sprint care about it and she tells me that I have two options "a: (she) could call me the next day and hard set my phone (which is a task I have to do nearly monthy due to the errors on my phone anyways!!)  or b: I could wait til I have 14 days left before my offical upgrade and get the upgrade early SANS FEE"

Awesome I say, I'll hold out... then hung up...

then something tugged on my brain in the back, so I called back sprint and the the next woman there, told me - that was a ruse and that they've ended that kind of upgrade 6 to 8 months ago...

Now I'm angry - Bruce Banner Angry, you know??? so I say back as calmly as I can and ask "so she works for sprint and told me about this thing even though it's 6 to 8 months out?"

"yes, I'm sorry about that, but not everyone gets the memo."

Are you kidding me?!! ~ a 6 to 8 month old memo passed around in a multi-million dollar company and she doesn't know about it???

what the hell....

So now I'm stuck and I would like some explative answers and resolve about this - - and to be honest, I kind of would like not to have to deal with any FEES nor wait any longer for an upgrade from this brick of a phone, I say brick because that's about how usefull it is.. I can barely make any calls nor receive them... and don't get me started about the other issues....

any way I can get this settled up????


Re: being toyed with about my upgrades (again?)


First, I sincerely apologize for the misinformation that you have received in regards to your upgrade!  I appreciate your patience throughout this unfortunate experience.  I will definitely be more than happy to look into your upgrade, for once and for all. 

I also appreciate you taking the time to post your concerns.

I am sending you a private message.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Re: being toyed with about my upgrades (again?)

Good post. I hope you get what you want.

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