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need to restore contacts in Samsung Nexus S 4G


need to restore contacts in Samsung Nexus S 4G

Last night, my contacts were all lost in my Samsung Nexus S except for the two family members on the Sprint plan with me. Please dont' tell me to sync--I've already tried that, and just got a lot of old contacts that I haven't cleared out of Gmail and Yahoo!. I actually stored most of my contacts right in the phone. Rats! this is very annoying and I will never get back a few of my recent contacts, I am sure because I hate social media. Any suggestions?



Thanks so much for reaching out to us for assistance and my apologies for having to restore all of your contacts! I can certainly understand how that can be frustrating!

You stated that you already synced your device to Gmail and Yahoo. Did you by chance backup your contacts to your computer at some point? That would be the only alternative that comes to mind.

Let me know,


Sprint Social Care Team


If they were stored in the Phones address book rather then Google Address book, then they are most likely gone. Unless of course at some point you exported them to the SD Card. But it doesn't sound like you may have.

Can you grab those missing contacts from a previous message or call?

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