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trying to decide on a new phone


trying to decide on a new phone

I am looking for a phone replacement sometime after March, but before vacation in August.

I currently have a BlackBerry 8350i. I love my BB, but it does have a few drawbacks. If it was on the Sprint network, I wouldn't be looking for a different phone. I like being able to control how things work in and out of the holster (ringers and notifications) and using my music for ringtones. The qwerty keyboard is a plus.

The main one is that it's on the Nextel network: 2G nework (slow internet); have to pull battery weekly to make sure I get texts and mms and emails; coverage area is limited. I will have to go to the Sprint network to fix these problems.

The camera (2mp or higher) with flash is important; my BB takes great pics even when printed (4x6 prints). The zoom is worthless as it gets grainy. The video is a great asset to the camera - nice video and sound.

The address book and fields are important as I need room for information with my contacts.

The DC is not that important, but there are a couple that DC me occasionally, but I don't get the notification that I was sent a DC.

The trackball has held up for almost a year, but it's getting loose.

I don't understand the differences between EVDO and WiFi? I don't understand the differences between the operating systems?

I was recommended to get the Curve 8530, but it doesn't have a flash. It does have the trackpad. The Tour 9630 has flash, but has the trackball... The Tour 2 that is coming out is supposed to have flash and a trackpad, but release date and if Sprint will have it is still to be seen.

I don't have to stay with a BlackBerry, so options are open. I know it's primarily a matter of opinion, but I'm looking for advice on dependability and the less quirks; I have to be able to get phone calls no matter what (I have to be able to be reached 24 -7 as I am designated to make life and death decisions for ill family members).  I primarily use my phone for: calls, text (mms), email, occasional internet (I would more if it didn't take forever) for gps or my pic sites (flickr, shutterfly) or looking up info while out, pics and video when my camera isn't available, occasionally listening to music.

I have been comparing phones, reading reviews, going thru posts in the community, but I'm still as confused as ever. Any suggestions?


Re: trying to decide on a new phone

Just my two cents : While I love my Lotus and the price was right, the Samsung Moment is the device that truly bridges the gap between personal and work life. The features include:

  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • 3G speeds where available
  • Touchscreen
  • Music capable
  • Sprint TV®
  • GPS Navigation enabled
  • Web browsing capable
  • Email capable
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth® Wireless
  • Memory card slot
  • Voice activated dialing


Re: trying to decide on a new phone

I looked at that phone in the store. The battery life isn't that great on that phone from what I've seen. I can last about 2 days on my BB... I was also hoping for something more compact; the BB is almost too big. I was concerned that the BB wouldn't hold up to the abuse I put phones thru, but I'm impressed with how durable the BB is. I'll keep looking and researching; maybe Sprint will come out with something new before June or July... Thanks for the input.

I'm still trying to figure out what the differences are between the OS; and EVDO & WiFi. The only thing I can find that I actually understand is that EVDO is thru cell phone towers and WiFi isn't...

I thought I may want the Storm 2, but from what I see, it's not worth getting... Verizon is at least $20 more a month than Sprint!!!


Re: trying to decide on a new phone

Well, Im not going to be any help then... I'd try the Instinct HD...100's of thousands tried the original....

and the original just got better.

Voice Command and Live Search integrated

2x Faster Processor Than The First Instinct, With Improved ( Capacitive ) Touch Screen

Advanced 5 Megapixel Camera w/flash, 4x zoom, and auto focus.

Camcorder Records HD Video To Share With Messaging Or On Your TV!

WiFi-enabled To Access The Internet Through WiFi Hotspots As Well As Sprint's Fast 3G Network

Enjoy Streaming Media Like Sprint Mobile TV, Sprint Music Store, YouTube and More

Enhanced Web Experience - Surf The Web With Full HTML Opera Mobile 9.7 Browser

Email Support For Popular Web-based Email As Well As Microsoft Exchange and Lotus

Easy Access To Social Networks Including Facebook, My Space, and Twitter

Find Your Way With GPS-enabled Sprint Navigation and Pre-installed Google Maps w/street view

Award Winning Instinct Menu Design Is Customizable To Put Your Favorite Apps At Your Fingertips

4 gig sd card included ( expandable up to 32 gig )

New features added such as a proximity sensor, ambiant light sensor, and accelerometer.

that's only half of it...

Good Luck in your choice.


Re: trying to decide on a new phone

That is a nice phone! At least I have time to research before making a decision. Maybe the price will down... Thanks!!!

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