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used/refurb replacement phone?


used/refurb replacement phone?

My daughter just broke her phone and I am reluctant to buy her a new one.  We're on a Sprint Family "Everything Messaging 1500" plan.  She mostly uses text and usuallyt less than 100 minutes of air time per month.

Can I just buy a used/refurbished Sprint phone off the internet, say ebay?

How do I ensure the phone will work with Sprint?

How do I get them to activate the new phone?

Or is this all just a waste of time and I should buy it directly from Sprint?

Sorry for the newbie question.  I'm not really very sophisticated about these phones.  Thanks for your help.

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used/refurb replacement phone?

You should be able to buy a cheap phone off ebay.  But you always run the risk or it being stolen or some kind of issue when you get to the Sprint store.  I think the best thing to do if at all possible it try to buy a phone off someone from craigslist.  This way you can have them meet you at the sprint store and if everything is good (not stolen, not broken, a sprint phone) then you hand over the money after sprint has put it under that phone number.


used/refurb replacement phone?

To add to KenDog210's comment, when buying a used phone off of sites like ebay or craigslist it is a good idea to get the serial number or ESN/MEID from the seller before committing to something. If they won't give you the serial number don't do business with them.

With the ESN/MEID you can call customer care or tech support and have them verify if it's clear for use and if it matches the device the seller is listing.


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