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Need to quickly find a phone?  Or need a link for your post?  Here's the current list of Shop phone deep-links.  Not all devices may be available in all markets, not all devices may be in stock.  This list is manually updated when I get a 'round-tuit'. See an error?  Hit edit and fix it.  Leave a note on what you did -- thanks!  w.england (@sprint team - sharing phone links and want to have your 'shared' links tracked right back to you?  Just add a colon and your initials to the end of the URL after :Hyper, like :Hyper:WAE for me!  Who knows -- maybe we'll have a prize for the most shares!) Sprint Store URL's October 2011 <ul> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (White)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (Black)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 32GB (White)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (Black)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4S 64GB (White)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Black)</a> <li><a href=" ">Apple iPhone 4 8GB (White)</a> <li><a href=" ">Blackberry Tour</a> <li><a href=" ">Blackberry Blackberry Curve 8530 Refurb</a> <li><a href=" ">Blackberry Blackberry Curve 8530 Refurb(Purple)</a> <li><a href=" ">Blackberry Torch</a> <li><a href=" ">HTC EVO (Black)</a> <li><a href=" ">HTC EVO Shift</a> <li><a href=" ">HTC EVO 3D</a> <li><a href=" ">HTC Arrive - Microsoft device</a> <li><a href=" ">Kyocera Brio</a> <li><a href=" ">Kyocera Milano</a> <li><a href=" http://s">Kyocera DuraMax</a> <li><a href=" ">LG Rumor Touch (Purple)</a> <li><a href=" ">LG Rumor Touch (Blue)</a> <li><a href=" ">LG Optimus S (Purple)</a> <li><a href=" ">LG Optimus S (Charcoal)</a> <li><a href=" ">LG Remarq(refurbished)</a> <li><a href=" http://shop .">LG Marquee</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola ES400</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola i335</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola i365</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola i576</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola Brute i686</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola i886</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola XPRT</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola Photon</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola Titanium</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Epic</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung M360</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Rant (refurbished)</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Transform</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Instinct s30 (Refurbished)</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Samsung Nexus S 4G</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Replenish Black (SPHM580BKS)</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Replenish - Blue (SPHM580BLU)</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Replenish - Pink</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Trender - Saphire</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Trender - Amethyst</a> <li><a href=" http://shop .">Samsung Conquer 4G </a> <li><a href="">Samsung Epic 4G Touch</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo Innuendo</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo SCP-2700 (Blue)</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo SCP-2700 (Pink)</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo SCP-2700(refurb) Pink</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo SCP-2700(refurb) Blue</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo Vero</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo Taho</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo Zio</a> <li><a href=" ">Sanyo 3810 Refurb</a> <li><a href=" ">Novatel Wireless C777</a> <li><a href=" ">Novatel Wireless MiFi® 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Novatel Wireless</a> <li><a href=" ">Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Refurb</a> <li><a href=" ">Novatel Wireless Merlin CC208 3G/4G 2-in-1 Card</a> <li><a href=" ">Sierra Wireless 598U</a> <li><a href=" ">Sierra Wireless 3G/4G USB Modem 250U by Sierra Wireless</a> <li><a href=" ">Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (launching 3-20)</a> <li><a href=" ">Sprint 3G/4G USB U600</a> <li><a href=" ">Sprint 4G USB U1901</a> <li><a href=" ">ZTE International Mobile Hotspot AC30</a> <li><a href=" ">RIM BlackBerry Playbook</a> <li><a href=" ">Dell Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 (1012)</a> <li><a href=" ">Dell Dell 11z</a> <li><a href=" ">Motorola Marconi Xoom™ with WiFi</a> <li><a href=" ">ZTE ZTE PEEL</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Galaxy S Tablet</a> <li><a href=" ">Samsung Galaxy S 10.1 Tablet </a> <li><a href=" ">HTC Evo View</a> <li><a href=" ">Sprint Phone Connect</a> <li><a href=" ">All Sprint 4G Devices</a></li> <li><a href=" ">All Sprint Android Devices</a></li> <li><a href=" ">All Sprint Smartphones</a></li </ul>
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