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Can someone help before I go to social media and executives offices?


Can someone help before I go to social media and executives offices?

I am very frustrated and concerned and have tried multiple times to get clarification and resolution but end up more upset and with more issues each time I reach out.


I am a former employee. I worked as a quality evaluator in Customer Relations for over 4 years up until a few months ago. My vendor manager at the time (great guy) offered to get me into SWAC. It took over 6 months of issues before I had to complain to the vp of customer service who finally resolved it and I switched with multiple lines from Verizon where I was a customer over 8 years.


Lower cost was one reason I switched. Other reason is I am in Phoenix AZ where Sprint had launched 5G in most areas around me which this was probably my main reason for switching. 


Eventually I purchased an S10 5G at full retail value which cost me over 1400$. I then got a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G on Flex Lease about the same time.


Everything was great for a long time up until the merger and more specifically 4/28. The issue is that one day I was going about business as usual and realized that neither my 5G devices would connect to 5G anymore. Upon further research (didn't take long as it was in the news, on tmo and sprint websites) I found that tmo/spr have decided to go with Tmobiles nationwide 5G network. I further learned that they are disabling Sprints 5G network and re-purposing to tmo 5g network. This is great and all except upon further research I found that my 5G devices are not compatible and are reduced to 4g/lte only and only device compatible is the s20 5g devices which were enbled to use tmos 5g network as of 4/28.


Here I am already 1400$+ and closer to 3000$ in the red for purchasing Sprint 5G devices that I didn't even get to  use the 5g for that long before being basically turned into a sub-par lte device.


I go into chat to voice my concerns on this as I feel I have been duped and sadly it was terrible. As a former Sprint QE for Customer Relations at that I know what the expectations are and what Sprint expects from their employees.


To start no one I spoke to cared or acknowledged or even attempted to provide any sort of empathy. At least try to fake it but that didnt even happen. I was ok at this point, I am not looking for empathy. I begin to tell her my concerns and she had no idea whatsoever what I was talking about despite the plethora of tools and resources Sprint provides as well as even the public websites where I got my info from. I even tried to explain it is on Sprint and Tmobiles website. 


She initially tells me that my devices are not 5G capable devices. Like really? I clearly named the devices (they hae 5g in their name) and she had access to my account and can see they are 5G devices. Then she tells me only one is 5G capable but it doesnt matter because 5G is dependent on geographic location... I tell her again that I switched to Sprint and got 5G devices to use the 5G as well as she can see I am in a 5G area as well as I had 5G data since I got them and the whole reason I was even chatting with her was because of 5G data. 


I told her that I wouldnt have been paying an extra 20$/mo (10$x2 premium add-on) since I got them if I didn't get 5G data. Her next comment really got me heated as she then tells me I am not paying for premium. I clearly am. Then when I call her out on it she then tells me that the premium add-on was NEVER required to use 5G data! So I tell her if that is true Sprint owes me 20$ times however many months I had premium since I was told multiple times it was required for 5G and she tells me no, it isnt. At this point I ask for her supervisor and say Sprint owes me money then and she offers me a lousy 20$ right after I told her I have been paying 20$ more than I needed for mo ths and months because Sprint lied to me if what she is saying is true.


Eventually she gets her supervisor on who proceeds to tell me I am correct that only s20 5g devices will workon nationwide 5g. He then tells me it was tmobiles decision not Sprints and I have signed an agreement for the device etc. etc. Basically didnt care either. He then proceeds to tell me that the premium addon was never required for 5G. This is a supervisor. He basically does absolutely nothing for me and says he will have a manager call me the next day. I ask him whos manager and I thought he was a supervisor and he didn't give me an answer. I never got a call.


Fast forward a week and I jump on chat again thinking I would get somewhere and it was even worse. Rep showed no empathy and in fact I feel she was avoiding assisting me. It got to the point she said she was researching the issue. I waited for a response but next response she says she is disconnecting since I am not responding lol. She closes that chat. A minute later I rejoined and guess who I get, same rep. She begins asking me questions again despite literally taking over 30min explaining to her. At this point im upset and she all a sudden remembers me but then tells me she will transfer me to a dedicated 5G team at which I tell her to WAIT and ask where she is transferring me and instead of answering me she just transferred me out. Then I waited in queue for a long time and no one ever came on so I close the app and rejoin and guess who I get again!? She begins to askme same questions but at this point I immediately ask for her supervisor. She kept trying to change the subject and tell me shes looking into it etc etc and the whole time I am repeatedly telling her I am done with her. I know Sprint policies, zero tolerance policies, quality expectations and guidelines and I know she should have escalated LONG AGO and now she was practically refusing to escalate which is zero tolerance and can even be termable offense. 


I am not a employee, at this point I am a  customer and I was literally to the point I was so upset I was ready to go to social media, get some executives escalations going, maybe even BBB or some legal action and she could care less. I feel I am being duped here by purchasing 5G equipment then Sprint shutting me out then told I paid extra for it when I didnt have to then any time I try to get some resolution or even info the reps completely dont know whats going on, give inaccurate infoand only make everything worse to the point i am desparate for help and sitting here typing a novel as  last ditch effort.


I know there are many others in my boat and if Sprint hasnt been hearing it yet they will trust me.

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