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EWD Questions and answers should be addressed on iConnect.


EWD Questions and answers should be addressed on iConnect.

If you are an employee looking for answers about your Employee Wireless Discount, which is the plan you are offered when you become a new employee, you need to check the internal forums on iConnect.

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     I am a sprint employee and I cannot activate a phone on It fails on my EWD line as well as my Advantage club lines. i receive the below error

View Basic Account Information
  • Data is currently unavailable, Please try later.
  • Subscriber information could not be retrieved because an error occurred
Account number: *********

Ive tried using IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari, have cleared all cookies and cache, still cannot.

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We'll check into it.  It'll be helpful if you visit ClickIT and open a ticket for All Other Issues.  That way we can securely track the issue internally.


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I've been a Sprint customer for over 6 years.   I manage the account where my wife and I each have the original HTC EVO.

We were promised 4G service would arrive in Omaha within a year.

Well it's been over 2 years and NADA.   Still the same old 3G but yet we pay an extra $20 per month for the postential to have 4g when we travel.

Now the Nexus phone is out - and for new customers Sprint is offering this phone for free.

I'm 8 months past my contract renewal - and I'm given the discount of $99.

Well - I'm voting with my wallet - Sprint has disappointed both of us on so many levels.

Why would you offer free phones to new customers - but drive away existing customers.

What kind of marketing plan is that - one which is designed to alienate your loyal customers which pay on time.

I've written letters to Sprint but they are unwilling to respond.

It takes skill to alienate and drive away good paying customers.



I know it can be frustrating when you're shopping for phones and you don't feel as though you are getting the best deal.  We do offer discounted prices to new customers to offset some of the cost for changing carriers.  I was reviewing 3rd party retail options for you to determine if we might be able to find a better price for you so you can get the phone that you want.  I was able to find the Galaxy Nexus for $49.99 with a 2 year upgrade on  The other good news is that since you already have a Sprint phone, we are able to give you a credit on your account for allowing us to buy back your device from you.  To review the options for your current device, please Click Here.

Also, please keep in mind that the $10 premium data is not a fee in order to access the 4G network.  That is a common misconception.  The premium data fee is a fee designed to offset the cost of using enriched data experience you receive on your Smartphone.  Note, there are several 3G only devices that we sell that require that fee as well.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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Hi Fergie,

I also have my eyes on the Gallaxy Nexus.  I can upgrade my phone effective the first of September.  I love Sprint and want to stay with Sprint, however, the competition is really going after consumers like us who want to upgrade our devices.  The Nexus is a nice device, but certainly not the flagship phone of Sprint.  I would say that in order to make it attractive for us to stay, it would be logical for the company to treat existing customers like new customers because existing customers can become former customers very easily.

Hopefully the company can make offers that would support new business customers as well as existing loyal customers the same.


Good eye, I totally missed it. As I am up for upgrade but not sure which phone to get to replace my Photon.

This means that I can get the 32gb Galaxy SIII for $150.

Here is what I am going to try.

Add a new line

Swap the number

Cancel the old line

And voila ...


Thank you for explaining the pricing, and the additional offers extended to new customers to offset the cost of switching to a new carrier.  I know that Sprint offers the same discount to new 2-year contracts that it does to renewed ones.  However, I must say that, since all carriers offer these "carrots" for switching, Sprint is gambling on whether or not an existing customer will move to another carrier for the same reason a new customer might be coming to Sprint.

Ideally, Sprint should offer a credit to help new customers switch and also reward current customers for their loyalty.  For example, we can all by a Galaxy Nexus for 99.99 with 2-year activation or renewal.  However, right now new customers can get a $100 AmEx card to offset that cost (last week, new customers could just get that phone for free).  I've been with Sprint for 12 years, have a Family Plan with 2 smartphones (extra $10 per phone per month), and have gotten my parents, sister, and grandmother to join Sprint.  I've never had a phone with another carrier.  Why not offer me something to keep me a loyal customer?  Perhaps every 3rd upgrade, Sprint customers get an additional $100 off a phone, or something like that?  This would also encourage investment in a more expensive phone, which could set up a precedent of owning better gadgets, and spending more in the future.

As far as Wirefly, Amazon, and the like, they also discriminate against current customers because they make more money if they activate a new line (another new customer incentive offered by Sprint).  The $49.99 Galaxy Nexus at Wirefly is offered for $19.99 for new customers, and at Amazon it's $49.99 for returning customers and $0.01 for new customers, so it's the same issue.  This strategy, while logical, apparently doesn't work.  If it did, and new customers kept accepting this great deal while returning customers didn't mind, Sprint would not be the #3 carrier.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, after my contract is up (and mine has been for a while, now), Sprint needs to earn my business the way they did 12 years ago.  If I don't continue with Sprint, then I've become the target of their marketing once again, and that's something they can't afford on a large scale.  If they could pacify people like me, eventually everyone would be a Sprint customer.  Isn't that the goal?


I feel your pain as I am in the same boat.

The savings if only for new customers.....


I'm hoping that there will be a labor day sale.


BTW, as mentioned above, you can get it from Amazon Wireless for $49.99, but they are also waiving the activation fee.


So while it's not free, you don't have to pay the activation fee that the Sprint offer required.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Thanks for the heads up, but I have have to buy from or telesales due to my account type.  Again, I hope that there will be a labor day sale.  Does anyone have any info on that?

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