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SERO 500 to SWAC?


SERO 500 to SWAC?

So the link in this thread isn't working - https://community.sprint.com/t5/Employee-Program-Discussions/On-SERO-and-wondering-about-SWAC-Check-...


I have a bunch of folks telling me I should switch my SERO 500 plan to the SWAC Plan.


Is there a run down of the differences?  Looks like SWAC is $5 cheaper a month, includes unlimited minutes, hotspot, amazon prime, hulu and some other random things but includes data throttling which the SERO 500 plan does not?




You can see about changing to SWAC program. You would need your sponsor's information in order to move over to SWAC. 


You can find more info about the program at www.sprint.com/advantageclub


The person who got me a SERO account 10+ years ago is long gone.  According to this site you don't need that info.  - https://sprint.custhelp.com/app/EWD/EWDorSERO?   I'm just trying to learn what the differences are.


Okay. In that link if you push the SERO to SWAC, it will give you a place where the plan is to show details. 


It does give both of the plan options, and what comes with them. 


I made the switch a few months ago myself. Originally you needed the employees E-mail or ID to do the conversion, or for any new plans. Some of the call centers as well as online this may still be the case. However current SERO customers can go through the India (employee accounts) call center, or if your lucky enough to reach someone in the states as there is a verification process to make the conversion. Switching from one employee type account (SERO) to another (Advantage Club) makes the process a while lot easier when they realize your only switching plans not account types. 


Throttling is only for P2P & VPN use after 15GB or 50GB with the premium plan.

I have noticed with the new plan basic streaming seems a bit better, and should be even better on the premium plan. But then again network congestion with Sprint has always been a problem for everyone so your speeds will likely remain the same. So unless your in a great area, I'm not sure how much would change.

I do like having the Hotspot though I haven't really had to use it much yet.

Hulu is nice to have, but I still find myself watching Netflix & other streaming services more.

Tidal, is great if you don't mind the apps constant promotion of hip-hop/pop new release music on the main screen. Sure there are better (pay) music services.


Overall I'm really glad I finally made the switch. Mainly because my monthly bill dropped considerably and the fact I can upgrade phone at at any time, where on the SERO plan a simple ESN swap was impossible.

You won't qualify for any of the discounts offered on new phone's through Sprint and will be stuck paying full price for the phone (or lease).

Sprint's best offer on a new (locked) phone was $200 more than the MSRP for the unlocked version of the exact same phone direct from the MFG on their website. I ended up paying $300 less for the exact same unlocked version of the phone at Best Buy. Walmart, Amazon & every other place had it for the same price.

The ONLY thing about buying a phone through a 3rd party seller is they cannot access your (employee) account to activate it. Meaning you will not get the "activate today", "with activation", "with upgrade", etc... price, but the everyday sale prices are still usually a MUCH MUCH better deal then directly through Sprint. 


My plan finally got converted over this week.   It was waiting for my next billing cycle.   Question, how do I access all the extra options,  Amazom Prime Discount, Hulu, Tidal,  Lookout Pro etc.  I didn't get any emails when the account changed.


Has the plan change yet? 


Yep,  started Sept 13th.


You should have got text messages on the main line for those services. You can go on your account onlne, and go to add services to see if they are added. If they aren't you should be able to add them with no charge. 


So looks like I got a text message for the Amazon on Aug. 21st,  Guess it was sent way before the plan changed.   So does that just give me a year free?  Because it says Existing Prime members will be created for unused portion of their current membership.  And below that it says you will be billed $12.99 monthly to your Sprint bill.


How about the other services, hulu, and tidel.  I don't see any text messages for them.


For the other 2, go to your account on our website, and see if they need to be added. If they are added we might need to resend the text messages to you. 


For the prime you will be credit and then billed. 


So is Prime free or not then?  On my account page it says:


Premium resolution streaming with Amazon Prime included
  • Premium Resolution: video streams at up to 1080p+, music at up to 1.5Mbps, cloud gaming at up to 8Mbps.
  • Includes Amazon Prime – a $10.99/month value
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