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SERO 500 to SWAC?


SERO 500 to SWAC?

So the link in this thread isn't working -


I have a bunch of folks telling me I should switch my SERO 500 plan to the SWAC Plan.


Is there a run down of the differences?  Looks like SWAC is $5 cheaper a month, includes unlimited minutes, hotspot, amazon prime, hulu and some other random things but includes data throttling which the SERO 500 plan does not?




To know for sure I would have to know exactly what plan you are on. If that is what it is telling you within your account on the website, then that is what I would follow. I just can't say for sure since I am unsure of what plan you are on. 


Well we are talking about the SWAC Plans and there is only 2 available. 4.5.19.pdf


I switched to the Advantage Unlimited Premium one listed here.




Since those are under Advantage Club, we are unable to answer or even see those plans. You will have to chat in when logged into the website or call in. We just don't have access to those. 


 Katey88_Sprint Clearly you are confused or responding from a subcontracted Sprint center. 

howardpm411 Yes with the PREMIUM plan Prime is free. The problem arises because of the Advantage Club. The Advantage Club is considered an "employee plan" thus your account access is restricted. Especially to third parties. Tidal should not be a problem signing up for. Hulu on the other hand can be an issue as when you register, Hulu will change your username to random characters and your phone number to a random number in their system. You may have to call them with the E-Mail address or street address you used to register, in order for them to look it up (which might take a bit) and reset it back correctly. The problem arises as the text link from Sprint shows that you are. However Hulu cannot connect your Hulu account to your Sprint account as they cannot access your Sprint account so the system inserts random characters.

I imagine something similar is happening with Amazon, as Amazon cannot access your Sprint account to verify or link the accounts. it sounds as if Amazon cannot verify with Sprint you are entitled to free Prime becasue of the "employee account" thus will charge the full amount for Prime. 

You need to call Amazon during normal US business hr's get someone in the USA, and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about (good luck), explain to them you have a Sprint Employee Account and need to make sure everything is properly set up. Then ask them to confirm it in an E-mail for your records in case there is a problem.

If for some reason they claim it's a Sprint issue, call Sprint Employee care 1-866-264-1282 or Magic Box Support 1-844-463-3194 to help you out. I know calling the magic box # may sound a bit odd especially if you don't have a Magic Box but that is usually the easiest way to reach someone at Sprint in the USA (usually Oklahoma City) and not a 3rd party overseas call center. Many times Employee care will send you to the call center in India, while they do have access and knowledge about employee accounts, it is often near impossible to understand their heavy accent.


As I mentioned in my previous post about buying a phone from a 3rd party, the lock on the account prevents non sprint employees from accessing any part of your account which makes things a bit difficult. The reason for the employee lock is necessary, as it prevents Sprint employees from looking at the accounts and call logs of their coworkers. Or third parties such as a Best Buy or Amazon rep from accessing just anyone's account. Same as how a bank branch employee cannot look at the accounts of another branch employee and shouldn't for obvious reasons.



I didn't mean to say that Katey is clueless, as she cannot access your account to look at the specifics as to weather it's showing you are actually on an advantage club plan and have the free options selected. However she clearly should know what the Advantage club plan consists of and how it functions, especially as she has been responding in this forum and should have been able to give basic answers to your questions.



Thanks, it sounds like this is more of a pain in the butt then anything to get the additional 3 features working.  I'll try to give Amazon a call and start with that.


Howdy Otrips. It would be fantastic if we had this info, along with the info on the plans for the Business accounts as well. Each department is specialized so for the best info on Business accounts, a customer may want to speak with that department, or for the Advantage Club, they might want to speak with the SWAC department. Some things are universal, like upgrading, lease questions, general billing question, but plan details can change with the different departments. Better deals on pricing, or waived fee, ect. 


As much as we, here at SMART, would love to have all the answers, sometimes we need to tag one of our team mates. In this special case we need to tag one of out team mates. For better info on the SWAC plans: 


Contact info for SWAC: 


Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM



Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with. 


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While a pain to figure out it's pretty simple once everyone is on the same page. You just have to be sure to mention that it is an employee account and need to speak to someone who is familiar with them. Most CSR's get extremely confused when something deviates from their standard script. 



One would think that Sprint CSR's responding in the "Employee Program Discussions" forum would have knowledge of Employee programs. This is one of my biggest issues with Sprint is that Sprint doesn't properly train it's employees, instruct them how to look up or give them access to the most basic of information relevant to the department they are assigned to. Nor do employees immediately tag, transfer or consult with someone in the know to help resolve problems and issues they themselves know nothing about. It's always a run around and transfer. With people getting fed up and leaving Sprint long before getting an answer to rather simple questions with simple answers.


The SWAC team primarily handles and authorizes the conversions. The number you provided is for Employee accounts which is a different department, they can set up and arrange for a SWAC conversion but need the approval of the SWAC team to process. Employee accounts does in fact have most of the relevant information regarding Employee accounts (Advantage Club), but they are also lacking quite a bit of information themselves. Sure there are different "Employee plans" for specific employees but that's another topic. 


The reason why I suggested contacting Magic Box, is that is the easiest way to reach the Oklahoma City, or one of the other call centers in the USA with the knowledge to help most every customer and willingness to go off script, think for themselves and transfer you to the appropriate department in the rare instance it is necessary. They also have access to more accurate network reports, which even the troubleshooting team does not. 


I am not knocking you personally, rather Sprint for putting you in a position you are not properly trained for and not giving you the most basic system level access to be able to handle the caseload you are assigned to. He clearly stated which plan he was on, which plan he is on now and had basic questions regarding such. You clearly have access to information regarding the Advantage Club Premium plan as you yourself provided a link to the PDF regarding that specific plan and pricing he verified he is on. 

I can only assume by your statement that you are implying, other departments have the ability offer different pricing and better deals on the "Advantage Club Premium" plan than the stated "$40/line per month w/ autopay" in the PDF you provided. Which department would one need to speak with to receive this better deal for the "Advantage Club premium" plan? 


Hi Otrips! I am sorry that you have gotten some different answers from different departments. You can reach the Advantage Account Support by:

  • Calling 1-888-876-8381 during the hours of:
    • Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time (CT)
    • Saturday-Sunday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT

@InstaAnn_Sprint @Cat_Sprint @Katey88_Sprint So let me get this right, "Employee care", "Employee accounts" @ 1-866-264-1282  and "Advantage Account Support" @ 1-888-876-8381 are two different departments?  


This is exactly what I am talking about and a perfect example of extremely poor training. S.M.A.R.T agents assigned to "Employee Programs Discussions" aren't so smart if they don't know the answer nor even the proper department and phone number within their own company as to who can answer the very simple question as to how Amazon Prime is activated and billed to an Employee Advantage Club Premium account. 


@InstaAnn_Sprint No one has been given different answers here. In fact howardpm411 has not been given any answer. That is the problem, I'm trying to actually help explain the situation and how to resolve it as easy as possible. All SMART agents have been doing is giving him the run around because they are either incompetent due to lack of training or to lazy to look a simple answer up.  

It's not a matter of accessing his or anyone's account, it's a matter of having basic knowledge of the plans and programs offered by Sprint. You already know the account type and plan he is on. How can you not know and not be able to look up the most basic of information for a plan that your currently offer? 



Thanks @Otrips I've had Sprint for over 20 years now and I've pretty much learned if you need something done you go straight to the top.   In the past I had always emailed the dan@sprint email address, but now I just usually send an email to the account.


Anyways for this situation I ended up emailing which did the conversion for me.  They resent all the links.   So far Tidel is working and so is Hulu.    I'm still waiting to get confirmation on the Amazon monthly fee though.  Because the last email they sent me said, "Unless you have the buyup that includes Amazon Prime, it does cost
$12.99/month because the Amazon Prime isn't free.


But according to the documentation here -   Premium bundled service includes Amazon Prime.

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