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SERO 500 to SWAC?


SERO 500 to SWAC?

So the link in this thread isn't working - https://community.sprint.com/t5/Employee-Program-Discussions/On-SERO-and-wondering-about-SWAC-Check-...


I have a bunch of folks telling me I should switch my SERO 500 plan to the SWAC Plan.


Is there a run down of the differences?  Looks like SWAC is $5 cheaper a month, includes unlimited minutes, hotspot, amazon prime, hulu and some other random things but includes data throttling which the SERO 500 plan does not?




Right Prime is normally $12.99 with an "unlimited basic" plan. However it is free with the "Unlimited Premium" plan. The buy up would be the premium plan. 


You have the "Advantage Unlimited Premium" plan. "Advantage" simply means the "Advantage Club" or "Sprint Wireless Advantage club" (SWAC). 


"Advantage Unlimited Premium" is essentially the same thing as "Unlimited Premium" but at a discounted rate.


Prime is in fact free with your plan.  However as you know Sprint likes to screw things up.


You need to make sure your Amazon Prime account is linked to your Sprint account. I don't have prime through Sprint so I can't say the activation process. Although I would imagine it's through a text link similar to activating Hulu & Tidal.

If you Amazon account is showing as being linked to your Sprint account on Amazon, and it shows in your Sprint account under "My Sprint", "Change Services", "Current Services", is shows you have the FREE Prime option activated ($0.00) you should be good to go. If for some reason you are billed for Amazon Prime on your next Sprint bill, call and throw a fit until the charge is removed and the proper check box/code on the CSR's screen is showing. 



I say this because I have been billed $1.99 a month for a detailed bill fee for many many years. Sprint had no way to deactivate the service on the old SERO plan. When I converted to SWAC, I'm still billed $1.99 a month despite "Cellular Call Detail" is free and there is no possible way to remove it, as "cellular call detail" does not exist as an option anywhere in the system that can be removed. Yet it's on my bill. It's a programming bug and the only thing they can do is give me a billing credit for $1.99 a month. I'm pretty sure this is illegal (in my state), but it doesn't seem worth the hassle of taking it up with the Attorney General and bringing a lawsuit over it. 


I've also randomly started getting billed for "Lookout Premium Security Plus" despite not having it selected as a service nor on my phone. I'll know on my next bill if that was corrected.





So I guess to make this Amazon thing more confusing.   My Wife has the Prime account, and she had it shared with me which gives me all the benefits.   If I register with the Sprint link according to Amazon its going to create a separate Prime account.   So can my wife login using the link Sprint sent me and that would transfer the billing to Sprint?


From Amazon: 

"If your Prime membership is associated with a service you receive through another company (such as Sprint), please reach out to that company for details about your membership rate and to manage your membership."


I imagine both accounts have to be under the same name.


I wonder if creating an "Amazon Household" on Amazon might work. Which allows you to link accounts and share payment methods.


If you can find a way to make that work there is this (from Sprint):

"I'm a current Prime member, what does this mean for me?

If you decide to add Prime to your Sprint account, Amazon will provide a pro-rated refund to your original payment method for the unused portion of your current Prime membership. Customers who have not paid for their Prime membership or have received a discount on Prime will receive a credit to their Amazon account in the form of an Amazon.com Gift Card.

You will continue to receive all of the benefits of Prime through your existing account and your membership fee, which will now be $12.99 per month, will be reflected on your Sprint bill (excludes taxes and surcharges)."




So just as a follow up.   I did get the free Amazon Prime added.   I was able to put in my wife's email since she has the master account.   Then we actually got a $90 credit from Amazon from what we paid.   


On a side note, somehow when they switched me over to the new plan they added Detailed Billing to my account so I was getting charged an extra $2.00.    Had to call and get them to remove that/credit me for the first month.


Hi Katey88,


I am new here.  If you are still with Sprint, can you help me with my SERO account?  I cannot seem to be able to activate my S20 on it.  Thank you.



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