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Question I'm on an old SERO plan.  I know that plan is expired but you now have the SWAC plan and I have heard that some SERO customers are getting converted to SWAC.  Can I do that too? Answer  If you are an existing customer on a SERO plan and interested in switching to a new plan, please dial *2 from your Sprint phone. An Employee Accounts team member will review options for the best fit plan, including our new Advantage plans for friends and family members. SMARTeam members who respond to customers on these forums don't have access to SERO accounts, but the Employee Accounts Group (*2 on your Sprint phone) will be happy to assist you.     Question What about customers who aren't on SERO? Can we be converted to SWAC?  Answer If you have a friend or family member who is a Sprint employee, they may be able to sponsor you under a SWAC account. That isn't something that can be done over the phone; please contact your friend/family member to get started. If you are not on a SERO plan now and do not have a friend or a family member who is a Sprint employee, you're not eligible for the SWAC plan. That being said, any member of the SMARTeam here on the forums would be more than happy to review your account and look for the best plan option available!   Have other questions? Feel free to ask in our Problem Solvers area
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