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I am going to do my best to break down how to best use this site. Like everything in life if you do not give the info needed you will not get any results. A lot of this will be up to you. For example. You are having issues with with this there are things the agents will need to know in order to try and get this fixed. Is it location based? As in you are having this problem at home only..but once you leave the area and hit up the Taco bell a couple miles away your phone works fine..This points at it being location knowing this the agents will need to know the location of said issue..Keeping privacy in mind you will only post your zip code and the closest cross streets to the problem area..this narrows down the tower or towers that would cover you there and help narrow down the search area. Try to keep all the info you are adding in as brief as possible..The fact that you have always wanted to give your child a phone ever since they were first born and now they have one and cant watch Netflix has zip to do with the current issues. even though its location based its always good to add in a few additional things..What phone do you have? Are there any other phones around you seeing this as well or are they working fine? What all troubleshooting steps have you performed on your own? <~ This one will save you the hassle of being told to do the same things over are trying to move forward with the troubleshooting to get the problem figured info is key here. They might sound like wasteful questions but they are actually helping narrow down your issues. Also keep in mind that if you are having issues with your phone or just the network itself, posting in the correct area will save a TON of time..Lets be you really need to post about your phone problems in an area dedicated to how the site is performing? One has nothing to do with the other..Now if the problem is with your device there are forums dedicated to each device..So locate the manufacturer of the device and click on it..this will take you into the list of their devices..locate your device and hop on in there..There is a good chance someone else has had this same problem and a fix was found. Info needed when it comes to devices are going to be a big one as well. What device do you have? What problem is it having? Did you by chance receive any updates prior to the problem popping up? What all have you attempted to try and fix it? ALL of this info will help the agents or even other posters help you get the issues resolved or at least point you in the right direction to getting it fixed. ALWAYS keep your personal/private info private..This includes your address, phone number, email, full name etc..If any of this info is needed the agents assisting you will request it through a private message in order to keep your info safe. The site itself is fully public meaning anything you post is easily searchable by a TON of search engines out there. .So if you up and decide its ok to blast your phone number on the site here you might as well know that everyone and their mom now has access to your number. Play it safe. I will end this with one of my favorite sayings..You cant make bricks without the clay first..Sprint is the maker of said bricks..The clay is the info you are here to give them to help figure out the problem..Give them only a small scoop of clay and guess what? You will only get a partial brick back..Give them the clay(info needed). Smiley Very Happy Read more...


This phone has made me a believer...


Has the GPS plague been lifted? Smiley Very Happy Read more...