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Problems with unkept promises????


Problems with unkept promises????

Has anyone else out there had a problem with one Sprint giving really misleading information?  I had insurance on my phone for two years, was told if anything happened they would replace it.  Well first of all, I had to wait a week to get the replacement phone...and it was used. That phone had the same problem two months later.  I take that phone back..they appoligize and tell me we will send you a new phone free of charge....yet, they bill you for it..and again send a used phone (that didn't work)..and months later they still can't seem to get my account right nor send me a true replacement.  I spend an average of two hours everytime I get my bill, because they keep charging me for a plan that the phone they gave me dosen't work on and charging me for phones that are susposed to be free.  I really wonder how much training they do with their employees.


Problems with unkept promises????


I apologize for any miscommunication. I will send you a private message to offer you my assistance.