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Can't buy the Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy?


Can't buy the Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy?

Well about almost a month ago Sprint notified me that I could upgrade my phone and sign another contract. Maybe about a month before that Best Buy emailed me and said if you upgrade with us we will give you a $50 gift card to use on the purchase, so I chose them as my upgrade store. I chose the Iphone 4 and so far I haven't been having any issues with it, but after about 2 weeks I started hearing about the Galaxy Nexus phone and how it had 4g LTE, so I wanted it. So today when I called Best Buy they said "yes you can return your Iphone and get another phone at upgrade price".. (Here comes the issue). I said "well do you have the Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G in stock" he said NO, it is a "Sprint Exclusive"..Can someone tell me what this is and why Sprint would do that. Thank you!


Re: Can't buy the Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy?

Probably because they are in short supply right now so every one that is made goes to Sprint. I wouldn't call it a Sprint exclusive can still order them online through Best Buy and Radio Shack, you just can't get them in store.


Re: Can't buy the Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy?

The Galaxy Nexus is available at Best Buy but they are only "ship to store" right now.  Also, the no contract price is $699 vs $549 from Sprint. 

If I were you I'd stick with the iPhone unless you really want future 4g LTE and are willing to live with the Nexus growing pains. 


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