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Galaxy iiS drivers don't load, Kies reports connection error


Galaxy iiS drivers don't load, Kies reports connection error

I'd love to slog through your forums to see if this was actually answered before, but between the Sanyo site, the regular Sprint page and this mass of topics, I've lost most of my evening, too much patience and hopefully not the will to live.

I went to the Sanyo site to download drivers to connect my phone to my Windows Vista computer, as well as the Kies software installer. Then I connected my phone, but the drivers would not load, and Kies kept giving a connection error message.

Here's where I got the exe's:

The computer works. The phone works. USB cables work. But somehow none of this works together. How could the drivers be defective? Yes the phone is set to USB debugging. Please help. Send help.

P.S. There must be a way to get the blasted Sprint ID icon to stop blinking. I do not care about Sprint IDs. I do not want to be harassed by a useless icon everytime I look at the phone. I should not have to click it and navigate through meaningless menus to get the icon to stop.

This phone is supposed to be so great. And the unlimited data package is the only thing that kept me tied to Sprint after allllllll these years with the company (don't ask). But these petty anti-customer touches I keep running into are insulting and, as you can tell, intensely frustrating to people who have lives and simply want to use a device as a means to an end, not an unending headache maker.


Re: Galaxy iiS drivers don't load, Kies reports connection error

awfulphonesetup, I apologize for the issues you area having. What is the exact connection error you are receiving?

Also have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Kies again? Also when you downloaded the software did you install the Kies software or Kies air? Have you tried to connect through WIFI?

I found this on the samsung website

Also not sure if you looked at this but this is the support page for kies

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Re: Galaxy iiS drivers don't load, Kies reports connection error

I appreciate your help. When you get sold on the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles and expect plug and play, tearing your hair out can feel pretty hopeless. When I get gone in a few days I will sit down with your message and see what will come of it.

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