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Nexus - issues with Data


Nexus - issues with Data

Well, I got the Nexus last night and uncovered that the phone does not connect to the Data coverage - only way to do anything data related is to connect to WiFi.  I called Sprint and they had me do all kinds of resets and then they insist that I get it repaired since they can't figure it out over phone.  First off the Sprint retailer who repairs around here is HORRIBLE.  I insisted that I just return or swap phone with the store purchased at but Sprint Tech Support now tells me phone is damaged and that the store won't take it back as its labeled for repair/damaged.  So much for a 30 day no hassle warranty.  Once this is straight, I think I am on my way over to Verizon after 13 years with Nextel / Sprint! 


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

Others are indicating a problem like this.  Seems some have had the phone replaced.



Re: Nexus - issues with Data

I had the same problem with my pre-order GN.  I took it to a local Sprint service center and they swapped it out with one that works.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

No one around me has replacements nor do they want to hear that its a manufacturer's defect.  All are saying it falls under 14 day warranty and take it back to store purchased at but of course they dont have any.  Way to drop the ball Sprint.  I guess my only other hope is to call them and demand one be overnighted to me with a label to send back to broken one.  I am sure they will force me to waste 2+ hours again with tech support.

Re: Nexus - issues with Data

Being calm about it will probably get you a lot further than "demanding"  amd "insisting" something be done. When I worked a customer service job in the past, once the customer started demanding things, I was done with them and they'd get nowhere with me.

There are several people having this issue so it appears there was a bad batch of phones from Samsung and everyone I've seen post about the issue has had no problem getting it replaced.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

I'm not having any issues with my data, well besides there is no LTE where I currently live.

Give it time. The Nexus series of phones are known to have a few bugs on release, they typically get fixed pretty quick.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

I've also been having issues with the phone connecting to data, it worked for about 30 minutes yesterday, and after being happy that it was working I re-connected my wifi.  A few hours later I went to get lunch, and mobile data wasn't working again, and hasn't been since.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

This is not acceptable, you were sent a defective phone and it has to be replaced. On Sunday night, I spoke with the escalation department and she told me they had lots of calls about this issue and were replacing the phone. She issued a replacement and a return label was sent to my email address. What do they expect you to do with the phone if 3G doesn't work, it's a $200 item?


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

At my local sprint store none of the sales people knew anything about it and wanted me to leave it to get checked out, it's also a service center.  The sales guy went back and handed it to a tech and the tech handed it back to him and told him it was a know issue and they had to replace the phone.  From what I've run into, some people know about it and some don't.  The tech guy told me that there's notes about it in the system and if they'd bother to look at the known issues in the system for the phone they'd see that there was a problem.  I'm waiting for my store to get some in because I don't want to go through this again with the replacement, but if they don't get some in by tomorrow I'm gonna call and have one shipped.  I'm in no hurry, my Epic is back on for now.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

This has to be the most infuriating part of the whole thing. If you called Sprint and they had a company-wide acknowledgement of the issue so that all its employees in stores and in call centers know what to do as soon as you call, it wouldn't be so bad. I can take a bad batch of phones. But what I can't take is the hours wasted calling, resetting the phone, going to a repair store, etc. Time is money and that's what this kind of crap wastes for no reason except bad communiation, denial and greed by Sprint that they'll lose money.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

Here's what I'll be trying....

Note that while doing all/any of the below. You must remain polite, calm and civil at all times.

Everyone you are talking to with the exception of store managers tend to just be "Cogs" in the machine.

They are not the source of the problem. They are people. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


by being civil, understanding and reasonable. You remove their ability to explain and ignore your problem and excuse

their own possible deceit/ignorance

by saying you were a entitled irrational angry psycho customer.

1 .Go to a service/repair sprint store.

Before going confirm they have Galaxy Nexus in stock by saying your interested in getting one.

(So they can't lie to you that they don't have any to replace yours with)

Go in. Explain the situation and problems. Note if they lie to you about having any in stock.

Show them how your GNEX won't get data. Theirs in the store does. (So they can't lie to you about a network issue.)

Let them look and examine and indicate that it's a brand new phone and what else are you supposed to do?

IF they still claim they can't do anything for you.

1. Smile, ask for their name, sprint id. and their manager, his name and his id and the store number.

Should they ask why. Simply say so you can have it to refer to when you speak to executive services to escalate your issue.

Remain in the store.

Fallback 2:

Call customer support refer to your open network ticket, ask them how it can be a network ticket if the stores galaxy nexus works perfectly.

Ask if they could ship you a replacement or ask the store to exchange yours.

Final Fallback.

Google these keywords: sprint consumerist executive customer service

Find the number

Call it while you are still in the store in front of the employees or manager.

Politely explain what's gone on. and the steps you've taken to resolve. (include you had to go to the store. and you called customer support while in store)

and if they lied about it being a known issue or whatever. indicate their lies. give the lady their store ID, the employee and managers names as well as your customer service rep's and his manager's id.

and indicate your at the end of your rope because you don't know what else you can do. You've tried every step to escalate and resolve. and at each step of the way.

These employees have been deceptive and unhelpful despite every reasonable step you've taken.

More interested in having stock to sell and maintaining numbers than customer care.

If the store employees don't try to stop you before you call or during the call.

it's pretty much guaranteed exec services will take care of you, Punish the store if they were unhelpful and lied.

and get a working phone for you faster.


Re: Nexus - issues with Data

Sprint/Samsung are aware of this problem and will be releasing a software update to resolve the issue.   Can't commit to a date yet, but they are trying really hard to get it released early next week.  Sorry for your troubles.

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