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Problem updating to 4.3

Re: Problem updating to 4.3

out-of-contract wrote:

GA02 is the previous radio. They did not mismatch anything. GJ04 is the newest radio

You can use either

I think they were referring to the post above them where the person stated their baseband showed L700.05 V.GA02/L700.FH05.


Re: Problem updating to 4.3

its just as simple on a mac as a pc:  i take absolutely NO responsibility if you mess up your phone. do this at your own risk. if you don' know what you are doing, then don't do it!  also, if you install anything, make sure it's for "toroplus" - if you install the wrong file on your phone you will royally F it up.

Read more info here: Factory Images for Nexus Devices - Android — Google Developers

NOTE: These files/steps are for a MAC ONLY. PC has different files and the commands are not the same. You also have to install the proper drivers for a PC to recognize your Nexus as an ADB device.

SDK Tools only:

ADT Bundle:

Here is the factory image for 4.2.1 directly from Google:

All the problems everyone is having are with 4.3. You can sideload 4.2.1 and you'll be good to go. It's up to you what radio you want to use. I'm using GJ04 on 4.22 and have no problems at all.



Credit for the below process goes to - I only edited what they published

The process

  1. Place the update .zip package from Google in the Android SDK/platform-tools folder on your computer, but do not unzip it.
  2. On your Nexus, go to Settings > Development options and switch the toggle on. Then enable USB debugging under the "Debugging" menu group.
  3. Power down your phone.
  4. Start up the bootloader by holding down volume up, volume down and power all at the same time.
  5. When the bootloader loads, plug your Nexus into your computer.
  6. Use the volume up/down keys to navigate to "Recovery mode", then press the power button to select.
  7. When the Android with the red exclamation point appears, hold down power first, followed quickly by volume up. You should now see the recovery menu.
  8. Use the volume up/down keys to select "apply update from ADB," then press power to select it.
  9. On your computer, open up a command prompt or terminal window.
  10. Using the command line, navigate to the Android SDK/platform-tools folder
  11. To load the 4.2.1 Factory Image - On your Mac, type:

               ./adb-mac sideload mysidspr-ga02-factory.tgz

          To load the GJ04 Radio - on your Mac, type:

               ./adb-mac sideload

  13. The factory images should begin installing. When everything is done, select "reboot system now."

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