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Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Update Release Date Time Line

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Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Update Release Date Time Line

Well since I would like to get this up in search results as fast as possible. I know as of writing this today 4.2 is not official" . However in a few days with the Nexus 4 it will be. So now how long will it take for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus to be Updated to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?


@coasterphotos - "That said, there are definitely still issues in 4.2.1 and there isn't really a whole lot new. Unless Samsung fixed it themselves, if you use bluetooth audio streaming it is probably best to avoid this update."

Yes. Google supposedly fixed these issues in 4.2.2 - which should come to Sprint about 2-3 months after it gets rolled out to the True Nexus devices (i.e.. non CDMA). Kudos to Google for fixing these issues. Sucks to be us.



But you can look at it this way the time the Sprint version gets 4.2.1 and Google releases 4.2.2, Sprint users will probably be waiting just as long to get the fix as GSM users did...unless Samsung happened to fix it in their release of 4.2.1. I haven't tried it yet to see if it works or not.


Not sure I understood your point.   "Sprint users will probably be waiting just as long to get the fix as GSM users did.."

Till google releases the update, everyone waits. The difference is that Sprint users will continue waiting for another 'x' months after GSM users get 4.2.2 (or whatever the latest OS update is).

If the fix is part of 4.2.1, Sprint users have already waited a couple of months (while GSM users have had that fix already). If the fix is part of 4.2.2, Sprint users will likely get it a few months after GSM users get the fix.


Bluetooth issues have been fixed. I wouldn't doubt an ota soon. Also I'd like to correct myself... If done correctly you can apply this update without rooting the phone. I'm finding it quite stable and enjoyable. Ram management is amazing.


It's Official, 4.2.1 OTA!!! Finally got the update to show and Installed!!! It took me many times of Clearing Data, Force Stop and Check Updates… I even tried re–booting after Clear and Force. I finally had luck when I turned my wifi off. Good Luck...


Cleared, forced, restarted and got it on first try! Lucky I guess.


Well...I STILL haven't gotten the OTA.  I'm reading comments here.  I'm not a total newb w/Android, but I'm wondering what exactly had to be cleared of data and force closed with the install.  Also, I don't know how to reboot to recovery on this relatively new phone, and haven't d/l'd the "manual", which in my experience really doesn't help with things like that.  One last note...when I purchased this phone, I had originally gone in for the HTC One.  I love HTC.  I've had several models, & never had a problem with any of them...rooted or not.  The ONLY reason I bought this phone instead was because the sales person DID tell me that it was a "pure Google experience", and that the updates WOULD come MUCH FASTER than on other Sprint phones.  So, he lied.  Or didn't know WTH he was talking about.  Not only did he tell me this, but several other customers who were there for the One as well.  We all bought the Galaxy Nexus because of the update promise.  I will not return to that store, nor will I bother with "pure Google" phones in the future.  I really don't much like this phone, and wish like hell I'd bought the HTC.  There's no 4G/LTE in my area, nor is it scheduled to be here in the forseeable future.  Reception with 3G is hideous, no matter how strong the signal is for my friends' iPhones or even the "stupid" phones.  I'm very disappointed and was rather hoping that the update might improve some things such as reception.  Since I rarely get more than 2 bars anywhere it may just be the update CAN'T get to me.  Who knows.  I'm just disgusted with the whole thing.

/end rant.


@STEALTHPAWS1  - wow.... hard to read your post with no line breaks

OK - to get the OTA, here's what seems to have worked for a majority of the folks

(Disclaimer - if your phone blows up, burns down, goes completely dead, starts malfunctioning, runs away, gives you an incurable disease, wipes out your bank account, causes unexpected charges/bills or any other such thing, that is NOT my responsibility - these instructions are what I was given by a Sprint store employee, and this is the disclaimer he gave me. It has worked for me in the past - but no guarantee that it will work for you. Use these instructions at your own risk)

1. Go to setting /apps and then then swipe over to the ALL apps link at the top

2. Scroll down to Google Services Framework and tap it to open

3. Hit the clear data button (you can try to force close this app after clearing the data, but that "should" not be needed)

4. Go to Settings/about phone / system updates (you will notice the date of last check will be 1969-12-31)

5. Tap the check now button

<repeat if this doesn't work, switch between wifi/3g, reboot in between etc>

"Pure google experience" - yes, you do get Stock Android, with no bloat.

"Updates would be faster than other Sprint phones" - that is true as well - no other Sprint phone has 4.2.1 at this time (not even HTC phones)

So, based on what you described, the sales person did not lie, and he/she knew what they were talking about.

What bothers me (and apparently, some other Galaxy Nexus users) is the fact that even though this is a Nexus device, it doesn't get updated with other (GSM) Nexus devices. Our devices get updated a couple of months later. There are some on this forum who are ok with that, and will defend Sprint on that, and that is ok, because that is their view. I expect a device sold as a Nexus device (see Google's site for what to expect with a Nexus device) to be a Nexus device - CDMA or GSM - getting all updates in a timely manner. And that doesn't happen with CDMA phones.

Thankfully, Sprint is updating the Galaxy Nexus faster than Verizon.


jj14x wrote:

I expect a device sold as a Nexus device (see Google's site for what to expect with a Nexus device) to be a Nexus device - CDMA or GSM - getting all updates in a timely manner. And that doesn't happen with CDMA phones.

The only thing with going off of what Google's site says is that their site is talking about the specific Nexus they are selling...which in the case of the Galaxy Nexus is the 16GB GSM version, so the specs they list didn't even match what Sprint's site lists

I do understand there are expectations becausee of what Google says a Nexus is but at the same time, they are talking about the one they sell, not anyone else.

I imagine that is part of the reason they are the only ones selling the Nexus 4.


Yes, today, Google's site does refer specifically about the Nexus 4 that they sell. But before this, Google's site referred to the Galaxy Nexus phone. They never restricted it to the GSM version. Their site used to state "Galaxy Nexus comes with the latest version of Android and gets updates directly from Google, so you’ll always have the fastest, most up-to-date software on your phone." Nothing about the GSM version, nothing about CDMA version - very simply, "Galaxy Nexus" - which is what Sprint/Verizon sell/sold the phone as.

Sprint advertised the Galaxy Nexus as a pure "Google" phone.

Google owns the trademark to "Nexus™ family of mobile phones" -

When Intel refers to Ultrabooks, and a manufacturer sells an ultrabook, the manufacturer is expected to adhere to the ultrabook standards set by Intel, and if there is doesn't, then the manufacturer is not expected to sell it as an ultrabook. (Some may, but that is false advertising)

In a similar manner, when a carrier sells a phone and calls it a pure "Google" phone, and more importantly, brands it as a "Nexus" device, the expectations from most customers (clearly, not all) are that it is a "Nexus" device, and that it will get timely updates (in addition to being stock Android, without carrier customization etc).

You are probably right - about why only Google is selling the Nexus 4 - at least nobody has false expectations now.

Fact of the matter is that we can debate about this till the cows come home - but we are unfortunately stuck with a "Pseudo" Nexus device, which will almost certainly never get timely updates like the true Nexus devices do. I'm just happy that we actually do get some updates, unlike the other Android phones on Sprint - UGH!


I believe in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, all the site ever said about updates was this:

Buy directly from Google 

With Nexus, you get the latest updates packed with fresh features directly from Google

And around when the Sprint version was initially released it actually didn't say anything about updates.

As far as what a "Pure Google" phone means...I don't think there is anything anywhere official that states what that means...just what people want to think it means.

The Samsung Moment was sold as a pure Google phone....


@JJ - Sorry for the run-on paragraph. 

I apparently stand corrected on my assessment of the sales pitch I was given.  I was under the impression that the updates would come from Google/Samsung in a timely manner (as you describe above) rather than being pushed out by Sprint.  My bad.  I should have known better.  I've been with Sprint since 1998 or 1999. 

To me, "pure Google" was about the updates and services.  I wasn't particularly concerned with the bloat as I learned how to rid my previous phones of those apps that annoyed me.

In reference to the above instructions, my question is if this would be considered modification.  I do usually wait until my warranty expires to mess around in the system. 

Thanks for your response!

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