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Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Update Release Date Time Line

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Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Update Release Date Time Line

Well since I would like to get this up in search results as fast as possible. I know as of writing this today 4.2 is not official" . However in a few days with the Nexus 4 it will be. So now how long will it take for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus to be Updated to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?


  Thank You!  This worked for me and immediately downloaded 4.2.  I previously did this to download 4.1.  No worries with this method and way better than waiting for OTA.  It is the OTA without the wait. 



@JJ - Sorry for the run-on paragraph. 

I apparently stand corrected on my assessment of the sales pitch I was given.  I was under the impression that the updates would come from Google/Samsung in a timely manner (as you describe above) rather than being pushed out by Sprint.  My bad.  I should have known better.  I've been with Sprint since 1998 or 1999. 

To me, "pure Google" was about the updates and services.  I wasn't particularly concerned with the bloat as I learned how to rid my previous phones of those apps that annoyed me.

In reference to the above instructions, my question is if this would be considered modification.  I do usually wait until my warranty expires to mess around in the system. 

Thanks for your response!

In the case of the GSM Galaxy Nexus phones sold by Google, the updates come directly from Google. Not even Samsung is involved. On any Galaxy Nexus phone sold by anyone else, the update comes from Samsung. In the case of Sprint and Verizon, Samsung does the update and sends it to the carrier for testing. If it passes the carrier testing, they ok the release.

The instructions posted are not is just a way of forcing the phone to get an update quicker.


Ok.  I've followed these instructions, and tried everything including force closing and turning the phone on and off...I don't seem to have a "reboot" option.  I spent 35 mins trying to get it to work.  I have wi-fi, so I mostly tried it that way, however I recall someone posting that they got it to work by turning off their wi-fi, so I also tried it that way.  No results, but considering I have barely any signal here, I'm not terribly surprised.  Any ideas?  I'm a bit frustrated.


@STEALTHPAWS1 - sorry about the delay in responding - was busy over the weekend.

No worry about the paragraph, I was just teasing

Personally, I agree with coasterphotos on this - I do not consider this to be a modification. If you call Google support for help with issues accessing the play store or other such configuration issues, one of the first things they ask you to do is this. So, my guess (again, I'm not affiliated with Sprint/Google, so can't say if they officially agree) is that this is not modification. In any case, this is not rooting or unlocking the bootloader, and this action is completely reversible if you ever factory reset your phone - so if you run into any issues, and have to take the phone for warranty claims, a factory reset will undo anything this might do.

I also saw your second note - you are right - there is no reboot - I meant power off/power on (sorry about the confusion). When you turned off wifi, I assume you had 3g enabled. I don't know what to say except try, try again. I tried the first day the update came out, and despite trying several times, I didn't get it. But eventually, it came thru'. (If you aren't force closing the framework service in addition to clearing the data, try that a few times too - Android will restart that service right away. Just don't disable it)

Hope this works for you.

Edit: One thing that users on other forums have suggested is to do a profile update (and PRL update) before trying this. I don't know if the PRL update will do anything, but no harm in trying both updates before trying this services framework 'trick'


30. Jan 17, 2013 9:44 PM (in response to mobius006)

  Re: Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Update Release Date Time Line     

mobius006 wrote:

Over the air.. I didnt buy a nexus to flash roms... hence why im upset over the long times between updates..

If this 60+ days keeps up. I'll break my contract and hit tmobile with a nexus 5 next year for sure.


also know what really upsets me? Samsung for the CES stuff said that 80% of consumers want to upgrade their 'smart' tvs... If that many people want to do that, yet Carriers tell us no one wants to update their phones? Lol just BS all around.

The file posted on Google's site isn't a ROM. It is the official update patch file that will be sent to phones OTA. By putting this file on your SD card, renaming it to, rebooting your phone into recovery and telling to to apply the get the exact same thing that you will get from the OTA update. The OTA update downloads that same file..reboots your phone into recovery, and applies it.

^^ this^^ = yes



Thanks for the post.  With the update not coming through (presumably due to a lack of signal at your location) you may try to bring the device to a Sprint store location to see what one of the technicians can try for you.  I have given this advice to a few customers and each has actually had the upgrade come through simply by just getting in to a location with stronger reception. You can find the closest service and repair location by checking

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care

Michael C.


Michael C.  

Are you serious?  That post was made in FEBRUARY???  I got 4.2.1 at some point shortly after that, and yes, since I have increasingly horrible service where I live, as there is a tower malfunctioning in my area (for over 2 yrs now) I had to drive to an area where there is enough signal.  I have not, however received 4.2.2, nor 4.3 for my Pure Google Experience, 1st to be upgraded, expensive phone.  Why is that?  Well I assume it's because Sprint is far more interested in selling NEW phones than taking care of those who've already spent their money & are now stuck in a 2 yr. contract with a phone being rendered obsolete by their carrier. 

Thanks so much, Michael C., for reinforcing my lack of faith in Sprint "customer care".

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