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WatchESPN App on Galaxy Nexus


WatchESPN App on Galaxy Nexus

Does anyone else have the WatchESPN app?  I have downloaded and installed the app and Adobe AIR but when I click on a show, it just goes to a blank screen.  Some background:  I do have TimeWarner and I'm authorized to watch all the channels.  It worked perfect on my EVO but just won't seem to start the video on my GNex.  Anyone having the same problems?  Any ideas or suggestions?  I have tried to reinstall both WatchESPN and AIR to no avail.  Thanks.


Re: WatchESPN App on Galaxy Nexus

Get the jelly bean update and try it again.  It works perfectly for me.  Also try clearing the cache on adobe air and watch espn.  You could also try uninstalling it and reinstall it.  The only problem i have is the sound is extremely low to the point where i can't hear it.

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