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battery drain fix for galaxy nexus


battery drain fix for galaxy nexus

Bought my galaxy nexus about a month back and got an extended battery...even with the extended battery i was getting awful battery life i.e. from 7am to 11am it would be at 40% with minimal use. Biggest battery drain was from the screen (like 60%) and the second biggest was 'android OS', 'android system' and 'phone idle'. it was absolutely frustrating having to carry a usb charger cable in the hospital. My recommendations are:

go to your google account settings and uncheck all the unecessary syncs like google books/play magazines/google play movies and tv/wallet...I disabled 'currents' as well. Second thing I did was download juice defender app (i was hesitant of this at first cuz I had heard mixed things). The only difference that app makes is it turns your wifi into sleep mode when the screen is off; however your data is still running in the background so you won't miss texts/emails/calls. You DON'T NEED TO INSTALL THIS APP: You can do this same exact thing without downloading any app by going into settings > wifi > advanced > keep wifi on during sleep > only when plugged in.

Third thing i did was disable background location. I only need google maps once in a while when im driving to a new place and need to find the directions. no reason to keep gps on at all times...

you can pick and choose which tweaks to make based on your preferences

today i unplugged phone and after 4.5 hours im at 70% battery with 1 hour of screen on time. this is pretty moderate usage...30% drain in 4.5 hours is VERY reasonable

other things you can do: minimize clutter on your desktop, minimize animated widgets, disable live wallpapers unless you're showing your phone off to your friend, turn off vibration on key strokes or screen press..

android does require a little bit of tweaking from end user but it is worth it. love the beautiful screen on this device and everything is smooth like butter.


Re: battery drain fix for galaxy nexus

I find my phone drains simply from constantly trying to find a signal on this horrible network. 


Re: battery drain fix for galaxy nexus

constantly looking for signal will kill your battery the fastest. If you are in an area with no service, put your phone into Airplane mode. This will turn off all your radios and save your battery.

The only thing I would recommend turning off is NFC, and GPS when you are not using it. Keeping WiFi and Bluetooth on does not noticeably drain your battery.

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