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galaxy nexus battery dies over night please help!


galaxy nexus battery dies over night please help!

My nexus will literally go from fully charged to pretty much dead over an 8 hour span or less and I don't even touch the phone. What can I do to fix this? I also have to charge my phone about 4 times a day...please someone help!


By the way my WiFi GPS and Bluetooth  is all off. My screen is set to auto brightness and my network is on CDMA only.


Mine got to that point. I eventually did a hard reset because mine also started slowing down. That helped.

You might also call Telesales one time they were sending out free Samsung extended life batteries to Galaxy Nexus owners due to bad battery life. I got mine 3 months ago.

Also, I sold my Galaxy Nexus off and bought a used Galaxy S3 so I could take advantage of better battery life, features, performance, simultaneous voice & data over 3g, and just a better phone. I suggest you do the same.

The several Galaxy Nexus phones  I owned also suffered from poor signal strength and gps too.


connorsmom32 Try this - at night, before you go to sleep, charge your battery to 100%, restart it, and disconnect the charger. Leave it overnight. In the morning, go to settings, battery and see what is using up battery life. You should see a graph that shows your battery drain overnight from when you restarted and fully charged it (tapping on that graph will show you more details), and below that graph, you should see what percentage of the used battery life was used by which application/process. Overnight, with no active use, I'd expect to see "Phone Idle" and "Cell Standby" to use close to 40% or so each, and "Android System" would probably use 5-10% or so.

If you aren't able to see the obvious culprit, post a screen print here of the settings/battery screen, and also of the screen you get when you tap on the battery graph, and folks can try to help you out.

BTW, you indicated that WiFi, GPS and BT are off. How about mobile data (3g/LTE)? 3g will drain more battery than WiFi (assuming you have decent connectivity on both). Also, just so you know, GPS will really not drain any noticable battery life unless there are apps that are actively using it (like google maps).

My experience: Galaxy Nexus definitely has battery issues - compared to my previous phone EVO 3D. (my EVO 3D would go from 100% to about 98% overnight with no use, while my GNex goes from 100% to about 88% overnight with no use - same apps, same connectivity etc).

I charge my phones when battery is close to 50% - My EVO 3D would need to be recharged every other day, while my GNex has to be charged every day.

But, my GNex does not drain completely overnight. That is definitely a problem. My guess - either a bad battery (take it to a Sprint store, and they can test the battery), or a bad app that is keeping your phone awake.

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