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new update has ruined mms on galaxy nexus - help?


new update has ruined mms on galaxy nexus - help?

Hi, as soon as I downloaded the new update, all forms of mms went to shit: I cannot receive or send picture messages.

I went in to a tech store for something else and mentioned it to the front desk dude, thinking it may have been a temporary glitch, and he just said "oh it is a Samsung update thing, you can't do anything about it until the next update, or unless you reset the phone back to factory settings."

I didn't think anything of it because my boyfriend's galaxy s III from at att had glitches too, but those went away and I'm still waiting. Everything else works fine. Any suggestions?


Re: new update has ruined mms on galaxy nexus - help?


I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.  I'll be glad to help any way that I can.  You mentioned that the issue started occurring after the ICS update and that all other services work just fine.  Does this include data?  Also, are you receiving any error message when you try to send or receive?  Finally, if you provide me with your approximate location (city, state and nearest cross street) I can look up the performance of the towers surrounding you.



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Re: new update has ruined mms on galaxy nexus - help?

I called costumer service, and they guided me through a full reboot.


They sent me in to the store. I go in, tell them, and I get the same reply: "oh that's between Google and Samsung, we can't do anything, but give you an old phone that won't function once 4G kicks in. You get to wait."

So I am paying for services I get to not use because of whomever's lazy butt? Cool.

NOW my email keeps crashing. I've never done so many battery pulls on an Android in my entire life with my old Blackberry, and that's saying a LOT.

It's not the towers, it's you guys not pressing Google to fix their faulty update.

At&t looks pretty good right about now.

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