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Google Pixel and Pixel XL



Google fans of the world rejoice!

Yes it's true, you can activate the unlocked version of Pixel and Pixel XL on Sprint!  This is an exciting device for Google, optimizing hardware and software to work together seamlessly, all powered by Google's AI Assistant and using the best smartphone camera on the market according to DxO!

While Sprint will not carry Pixel due to Google's Verizon exclusive as the carrier storefront for Pixel, we are still an activation partner for the device. So, you would buy the unlocked version of the device from Google and activate it with us if you choose.

You can get a SIM kit from us online here:

The SIM card you will need for Pixel is:


UPC: 019962040146

Pixel is also Universal Retail SIM Kit Capable - #760492034500


The Pixel devices come with an IMEI on the box.  Sprint uses MEID in the billing systems.

When you are working with Sprint reps whether in Retail or Care, make sure they DROP THE LAST DIGIT OF THE IMEI when they are entering the device into Sprint billing systems to get the MEID.  Failure of the rep to do this could result in a "device not found" error.

Welcome Pixel fans and please let me know if you have any questions!