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Changing numbers within an account


Changing numbers within an account

i cant access my account with my account number  i think my phone was stolen and i want to look up the call log and when i log in with the only profile i can remember its telling me to use a different account number or log in with with my phone and when i try to put my number in it says there is a ban on it  what is Going ON?!

Sprint Social Care

Re: Changing numbers within an account



We're sorry to know that your phone might be stolen. You mentioned that you were trying to access your account using your phone number in order to see your call, however, it says that there's a ban.

Please keep in mind that only the account owner will see the link to view call log details. Do you have an account owner profile? When was the last you accessed your account? Did you already report your phone as lost/stolen?

Sprint Social Care
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