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Google Voice Integration Decommision

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Google Voice Integration Decommision

Hey loyal Sprint customers and Google Voice users, I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that we're very close to offering a a true VoLTE solution for our customers. The bad news is that as Sprint moves towards that VoLTE solution, we're no longer able to support Google Voice integration. 


If you have a phone that's capable of using Calling Plus or Voice Call Continuity you will have already to make a choice about which service you'd like to use, one of these Vo WiFi/LTE solutions or GV. The technology that shifts a call from CDMA to LTE is the same as that shifting a call from a Sprint number to a WiFi, to a Google Voice number and vice versa.  Since the technology does not support more than one such feature, we've removed the ability to integrate GV on new devices.


If your phone is already integrated with Google Voice, you will continue to have access for the time being but new devices cannot make the integration and customers who remove GV from their lines will not be able to add it back.


With this feature decommissioning, we will also be archiving this forum space.  The space will become Read Only on 4/1/18. If you have other questions around GV before it's turned off, you can still post them in the Services forum.


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Re: Google Voice Integration Decommision

Is there any way that you can explain this stuff for people who aren’t as tech savvy? This is all jargon to me.


Re: Google Voice Integration Decommision

Hi @CrewCommander, this means that due to changes resulting from the implementation of VoLTE (Voice and Data at the same time), Google Voice Integration is no longer available.


But if you want to use Google Voice integration, you will not able to use voice and data at the same time.

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