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Google Voice integration not working on new phone

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Google Voice integration not working on new phone

I have read many other threads about Google Voice integration issues. I checked my account to be sure I had no numbers blocked. I turned off wifi calling. I spoke with Sprint customer service. I waited one month in case the new phone affected my contract.


But still when I get to the stage in Google Voice where I have to click "Check Eligibility for Sprint Integration" , I still get "Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled."


Any ideas? 


I'm a brand new customer and having the problem also, I've attempted all these steps with no resolution, could you perhaps check into mine? 🙂


Good morning! @wtfwal, we would like to take a look into this. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message I just sent you.

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Hi folks, I'm afraid I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that we're very close to offering a a true VoLTE solution for our customers.  


The bad news is that as Sprint moves towards that VoLTE solution, we're no longer able to support Google Voice integration. If you're on a device that's capable of using Calling Plus or Voice Call Continuity you will have already to make a choice about which service you'd like to use. The technology that shifts a call from CDMA to LTE is the same as that shifting a call from a Sprint number to a WiFi, to a Google Voice number and vice versa. Since only one such trigger may be active on a line at a time, we've had to prevent integration in favor of these enhanced calling services.


Devices that are already integrated will continue to have access for the time being but new devices cannot make the integration and customers who remove GV from their lines will not be able to add it back.


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