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Google Voice won't integrate


Google Voice won't integrate

I am trying to reactivate Google Voice on my sprint line, but I keep getting an error message during the process. I use a Galaxy S7. I have no idea how it was deactivated, but oh well. Here's the steps I've taken:

1) In settings on my computer (it told me on the phone that I couldn't do this with the Android app), I clicked "Get a Google Voice number"
2) I then clicked "I want to use my mobile number"
3) I enter the phone number and clicked "check my options"
4) It said an option was to "enable Google Voice on your Sprint phone"
5) It then warned me that it will replace my voicemail with Google Voice, which is what I wanted to do.
6) Then it gave me a code and said it was going to call me. It called me and I entered in the code on my screen. It then said over the phone that Google Voice was now enabled on my phone.
7) When I clicked "next" on the screen, it said that it was enabling google voice on my phone, but then stated that there was an error, and that I should contact Sprint.
I've spent the last 45 minutes with hard-to-understand individuals who kept putting me on hold. In the end, they told me they couldn't hlp me and  gave me a number for Google. When I called the number they gave me, they told me it was not Google I was calling. So I'm stuck. Please help!
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Re: Google Voice won't integrate

Years ago when I was still in Customer Care, I had a very similar issue with another customer.  By chance, @loyolagrad, do you have Selective Call or Text blocking enabled on your account for this number?  If so, you'll want to log into your Sprint account, turn off Call Blocking (this is temporary) and then try the integration process again.


Once the GV integration is complete, you should be able to re-select Selective blocking.


Give that a shot and let us know if it works.


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Re: Google Voice won't integrate

AFAIK, the *28 conditional forwarding is gone. The support pages for call forwarding no longer mention it. There are a ton of posts all over the internet about it with very little real answers. Just some anecdotal stuff about how someone got the right rep and they were hooked up, etc.


I called a few times and tried to talk someone into what some posts recommend. Put it on my account manually, disable wifi calling, no one could get it working. Then I realized that it's not documented anymore because Sprint took it away. Maybe some reps who have been around for a while know backdoors to hook you up but I couldn't get off the ground.

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