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Google Voicemail stopped working


Google Voicemail stopped working

So my Forwarding to GV randomly stopped working about 7 days ago (last time a call went to GV).  Nothing has changed on my phone as far as I can tell (Note 8 Unlocked).   I tried reinstalling the App, I tried turning off call forwarding and turning it back on.   Notta.  I've called Sprint and spent an hour talking to someone who had little knowledge of GV and finally they said they need to escalate the issue.   Anyone else having issues?  been using GV for over 5 years now.  Not sure what has changed.



Sprint Social Care

Re: Google Voicemail stopped working

Hello @howie411, thank you so much for reaching out to us. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message I just sent you. We would like to take a look at the line.

Sprint Social Care
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