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Quick Question: Google Voice Integration and VMAIL alert.

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Quick Question: Google Voice Integration and VMAIL alert.

I'm having a brain fart. I'm using a Treo 755p. Does the phone show a alert when a vmail is waiting when using Google Voice Integration? I understand that the entire vmail system is Google Voice but for some reason I still remember seeing a indicator on my phone that there is new vmail. Currently it doesn't let me know that there is new vmail. I have to call my vmail and check to see if a message was left. I don't get vmail often so I could be mistaken on my recollection.




Quick Question: Google Voice Integration and VMAIL alert.

If someone leaves you a voicemail message it should still come to your phone. Case may be different if you’ve manually forwarded your voicemail to Google voicemail. If you have manually forwarded your voicemail to Google Voicemail, here are the steps to disable Google Voicemail:-

Go to Settings in the upper right hand corner of the Google Voice screen on your browser-pc.

Go to the Phones tab... select the phone you want to remove GV voicemail from

Click the 'Show advanced settings' link

Next to the 'Forwarding Options' near the bottom of the list... click on the 'Deactivate' link.


Quick Question: Google Voice Integration and VMAIL alert.

If I click on the phones tab I see:

Your Google Voice Number

(XXX) XXX-XXXX - enabled by Disable

(XXX) XXX-XXXX   (Expires on 7/21/11)   <------ Old GV Number. (I chose to use my Sprint Number as my GV number)

Forwards calls to:


Google Voice Enabled


- Mobile


If I uncheck the forward. All calls go directly to vmail. The phone does not ring.

Basically what happens now. Is my phone will ring and I let it go to vmail w/o picking up. I see the call in the call log on my cell. However if a voicemail was left I have no indication of it.

If I can't get it to automatically let my phone know there is vmail waiting I found a workaround in GV. I can have it SMS me when a vmail has been left.



Re: Quick Question: Google Voice Integration and VMAIL alert.


With Google Voice it doesn't use the same voicemail notification system as normal voicemail does. With many other types of phones such as Blackberry and Android, there is an application that you can download and it will notify you of any voicemail you have received. Using the SMS notification is the best resolution for a device that doesn't support this application. One of the features is actually that you can select it to transcribe your voicemail and when it notifies you, the text message contains a transcription (sometimes a very creative transcription, but usually it's enough to know if its a voicemail that you should check immediately or if its something that can wait until later)

In terms of unchecking for the forward, that option is more useful if you have multiple numbers attached to your Google Voice account, such as a home landline or office number. Quite literally it allows you select which phones do you want to ring if a call comes in on your Google Voice number (even if it's your Sprint number as well).

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