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Sprint and Google Voice integration disabled after plan change


Sprint and Google Voice integration disabled after plan change

To anyone who needs help with this, I am a long time Sprint and Google Voice user, and I just fixed this issue!  I made many calls and despite many efforts, no one had a fix for me. I got this to work, so I am sharing in the hope I will save someone else the time and pain! Here is what happened. 

I made a plan change to my account, which they dated forward (to a date that had not yet happened) to sync it with my billing cycle. This was a huge mistake because the next day my phone stopped working. First, I couldn't receive messages. Then I couldn't receive calls. A few hours later, I couldn't place outgoing calls. NOTE: There are several other phones on my account, NONE of which were having an issue, and none of them were using Google Voice. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 8 plus.

I took the phone to a Sprint repair store, and after confusing everyone and having them make several calls, we finally figured out that the problem was the Sprint network change had confused the Google plan and it basically deleted my account info. I was told that this was a known issue. They told me to wait until the next billing cycle, they made the plan change for me, and I waited. 

Today was a day after the new billing cycle. The Google Voice account did a strange thing. It showed that my phone number was linked, yet when I tried to use it, it said I had to choose a Google Voice number. Yet it lost the option to link my Sprint account! I was totally confused, as was the poor lady I called at Sprint. I'll skip the boring details about today and tell you the fix that worked for me. 

I deleted Google Voice off of my phone. I went into Google Voice via my email account, and I chose a random Google Voice number. I then reinstalled Google Voice on my phone. In the meantime, after a few minutes, Google suddenly offered me a chance to change the number to my current Sprint number! It is all working fine now. 

It was a simple fix, and NO ONE at Sprint or Google that I spoke to could figure it out because the Google account didn't allow me the choice to disconnect, reconnect or do anything with my Sprint number-the usual, logical fixes that I have read on this forum. Apparently, the answer is to pick a different number and then it will allow a reset. 

I hope no one else has this issue, but if you do, please try this. I hope it helps you too!


Sprint Employee

Re: Sprint and Google Voice integration disabled after plan change

I'm sorry you had gone through this, having Google Voice setup in our system requires a service code, and typically when we do a plan change they set it up for the first day of your next billing cycle to minimize confusion that proration can cause. Even as an employee I've been bit by this bug. I'm glad you were able to work through it. Please reach out to us here if you have anything unusual pop up in the future. We are often able to take care of unusual problems quickly.

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