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Blocked Call/Text Log History

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Blocked Call/Text Log History

There are a few numbers that I have recently blocked through the permissions section of my account. Although I wish not to receive calls from these numbers, I am curious to know if they are still actively calling my mobile number. I know that call that you use minutes for are tracked in your call log. What about any incoming calls made to your line period whether you've blocked them or never answered them. A true comprehensive call log for your calls. If it's is not on the app is there any other way. Same with text message? Is there a place where you can see if a person tried texting you that you've placed on your block list?

Re: Blocked Call/Text Log History

I don't believe there is a way, short of removing the block, to see if a person(s) is still attempting to call or text you.

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Re: Blocked Call/Text Log History

You're correct, @smotrs.  Once blocked, there isn't a means of tracking if/when or how many times a particular number may have tried to connect with yours.  The call or text is interecepted and goes to a message instead.




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