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I have one month remaining on my lease payments for four iPhone 6s's. I am on the Tmobile Simple Choice 50% off plan. My daughter got her phone stolen two days ago and I reported it thru Sprint. She is in need of a new phone and I just saw the fineprint that my 50% promotion will end in May of next year. Will I get locked into the plan if I get an iPhone 8 for her? I was wondering if I can switch to the Unlimited Freedom Plan (I have 5 lines- 4 smartphones and 1 flip phone). Can existing customers receive the $100 Unlimited Freedom Deal? I saw that AT&T is providing a Buy One Get One Free promotion for the iPhone 8 and was wondering if you guys price match that. Also, would a Boost Mobile phone work with sprint? Can I also apply an employee discount? Sorry for asking a lot of questions. 

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Hey! I will be more than glad to answer your questions.

If by locked into the plan you mean that you will get another contract, the contract is separated from the plan, this means that you can have your plan changed for any time.


The Unlimited Freedom plan $100.00 4 lines is only for new customers, but I can take a look into your account to very any options you may have available.


About the buy one get one promotion, I will also need to access the account since always have offers for targeted customers and I can take a look at the deals you have with the iPhone 8 as well.


You can definitely apply to have a discount with us. The discount program offers savings for consumers based on where they work or what association they may belong to. Toy can apply for your discount at this link There's certain plans that are not applicable for discounts since they are already discounted, but when it comes to the unlimited freedom, this one is applicable for discounts.


Boost mobile phone will not work on Sprint since this is a pre-pay wireless service using Sprint's CDMA network, and it will not work, It doesn't matter if you have the boost mobile device unlocked.


I've sent you a private message, please check your inbox.

Sprint Social Care
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