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Pixel 2 XL Promotion Issue


Pixel 2 XL Promotion Issue

To Whom It May Concern:

                I have reached the end of my rope in terms of dealing with the various customer support agents at Sprint. After 20+ calls (literally countless hours on the phone), multiple assurances that my situation would be handled, and numerous promised call backs that never occurred, I would like to give a detailed explanation of the situation in hopes someone will take ownership and fulfil the promise made.


My wife and I both purchased the Google Pixel 2. We purchased both phones outright. Both Sprint and T-Mobile were running a promotion that paid you $350 per Google Pixel 2 if you ported your number. On November 16, 2017, I called into to Sprint to verify my account was not under contract and to cancel my account. When the representative in the retention department inquired why, I stated the above promotion. I reiterated that $700 was too much to pass up and that I needed to switch as a result. Once she received the information that Sprint was running the same promotion as T-Mobile (at the time of the call and at the time of this letter – details were made available at, she offered a simple solution. Stay with Sprint and we will give you the $700 total (for both lines) since Sprint was running the same promotion. While she was notating the account, she even indicated how nice it would be to get the $700 to spend before the holidays (I agreed). I asked for my next steps and what I needed to do. She stated to register my phone numbers at and within 48 hours I would get two separate promo codes. 

She indicated that is all I needed to do and shortly after getting those codes, the $700 would be sent my way.

One week later I called in to enquire about the status of my $700. That is where the customer service nightmare truly began and has yet to be resolved. Since that following week, I have been on the phone with Sprint weekly. Various departments have passed me around in a desperate attempt to pass the buck and never resolve the situation. “Simply call 1-877-877-8748 and reference I1303092208” was one of the many times I was told to call a different number and reference an interaction ID number. I literally have more interaction IDs than I can possibly keep straight.

On December 1, 2017, after being on the phone for 35 minutes being shuffled around, I finally reached a gentlemen by the name of “Wade” in the account services/retention department. He politely stated that he confirmed all my above statements to be correct, but that a manager needed to review before the $700 could be sent. He stated that I would get a call back same day or by 10 AM EST Monday 12/4/2017 (Interaction ID of I1308427821). He assured me that while the other countless representatives before took poor notes, that he had properly documented the issue and all would be resolved by the promised call back. No such call back occurred. When I called back in to the same retention department Monday afternoon (12/4/2017), the representative stated she was unsure of the situation given the lack of proper notes (it’s a common theme). I once again, for the countless times, explained the situation. This representative stated she would handle this differently; she was going to take ownership and get it resolved. She advised me that the call would pulled, reviewed by her manager, and once everything was confirmed (if proper notes were taken, no call would need to be pulled), they would issue payment to be for $700.

Given the lack of trust with Sprint at this point, I decided to call back in 72 hours later to simply ensure the call review process was underway. Not to my surprise, the gentlemen in the retention department said he “couldn’t understand the issue based off the notes alone” thus making me repeat the above story yet again. I was transferred to a manger. He stated he would review the call and get back with me.

This customer service failure is truly alarming. Had proper notes be taken at any point in the process, this entire issue would be resolved. Please elevate as needed. Please send me the $700 I was promised.



Thank you,




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