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Pre-Owned Phones ? Bad idea?


Pre-Owned Phones ? Bad idea?

I'm thinking about buying a preowned iPhone 6s , 30$ down and 10$ a month.. which sounds like a good idea to me. My poor iPhone 5s I think is starting to have battery problems and was thinking it's just time to upgrade. I was excited about the pre owned phone idea since it's an affordable way to get a new phone right now.. until I heard bad stories about people getting preowned phones and they are crap. As in, having a lot of problems , not working right and things like that. That has me very hesitating about even going forward with this pre owned phone idea because I don't want to get screwed by getting a bad phone. So I'm curious to hear from the community anybody who had any problems with their preowned iPhone? Or anybody who might have had a good experience ? Looking for any and all feedback!! Much appreciated! 


Re: Pre-Owned Phones ? Bad idea?

That really depends, i`ve had pre-owned handsets (via my old provider CellullarOne, they used to sell some pre-owned units) and my experience with that was both good and bad, one that i had wouldn`t properly connect to the `net, finally had to have it reprovisioned for it to work.  The one i had before that one was great (but it was an older one that couldn`t do the web, not that that was a biggie, the `net on a cellphone was pretty bad anyway).  Best advice i can give ya is one, check the unit out to make sure there`s no internal problems (like a bad battery/bad antenna or the like, along with software issues (bugs), and two and most importantly check the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) to make sure the handset isn`t stolen (a "hot" ESN, dosen`t happen all the time, but often enough that ya should be kinda careful), as if the ESN is "hot" you won`t be able to activate the phone.  Good luck to you finding a new handset Smiley Happy.  TK241

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