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Private message is broken.


Private message is broken.

So someone sent me pm. And I am not able to click into the pm to reply the same pm thread. Instead I have to send him a new pm to communicate. 


I am using the latest google chrome and  I look in inspect element after my inbox was loaded. There is a error on the javascipt.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 7.39.35 PM.png

Please Fix this 


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Re: Private message is broken.

Nvm..... I though I could click anywhere within pm message from the inbox to go into the pm to reply. 


But it works when i click the title of the pm. Seems like a bad design but anyways .. please remove this post 

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Re: Private message is broken.

We've run into similar confusion as well.  We're working with the platform developers to make the Subject line (title) of the PM more obviously a clickable link, @AirWick219.  Hopefully we will see that as an improvement in the near future.


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